Strength training is an important component of fitness of all ages. Especially for people over 40 years old. As we age we developed certain balances and overuse injuries. Training while mother dressing these issues can we down to a path of joint replacements and muscle tears.It is very important to correct muscle imbalances and address all types of injuries. Just can be done by an experienced personal trainer specializing in corrective exercise and physical therapy. Once the client resolve their issues of muscle imbalances and rehabilitate the past injuries. Only then can they start a strength training program.

it’s very important for clients to hire experience corrective exercise specialist to help them with assessing their issues. Pretty much everyone over 40 has some type of muscle imbalance or past athletic injuries that could lead them to greater problems if not addressed. Five way fitness personal fitness trainer is he experienced and trained to assess the problem and implement the work out towards the client’s issues.

As a personal fitness trainer who works at home with clients in the Boca Raton in Delray Beach area of Florida. One of my main objectives after the interview is to assess the client’s issues. By performing a sequence of movements designed to show faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Once that’s completed. A five way fitness trainer can you design a program that enables the client to address their issues and be able to exercise pain free without any injury risk.


As an at-home personal fitness trainer I am able to work in the privacy of my clients homes with no distractions. At home personal training enable the client to spend quality time with a personal fitness trainer. Large fitness centers or personal training gyms prevent the client forgetting don’t invited attention of the personal trainer. Hiring an at-home personal trainer is a sure way to get back into shape and reach your fitness goals. The key is finding someone that is highly qualified in physical therapy, corrective exercise and the program design.