As a in-home personal trainer in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida area. It is not unusual to get a client who is not having a good day with their fitness program. I can usually notice this by the time they warm up. Either they are not fed right, rested or their body is not responding correctly for that day. It is important for trainer to notice while they are performing the client’s fitness program. There are many little tricks that the personal trainer can do that can help the client get a good workout and progress on that difficult day.

  1. Warming up to client a little more than usual gets the blood going and can enable the client to perform better due to the overall increase in training volume. Which means giving the client a few more sets to perform so their muscles now are better adapted to be loaded properly.
  2.  While performing the sets sometimes I take my time and did give the client a little more rest than usual. This is okay for a personal trainer to do. Because it is not done often and when you enable the client to be rested fully before the next set. Of course when the set is performed the personal trainer should try to get as much effort out of the client as possible
  3.  Paying close it attention to intensity and exercise technique. Rather than give the client more resistance. The personal trainer can perform slower repetitions, with a greater range of motion. Also slowing down the tempo of each repetition can make the client work harder with less resistance. That way they could perform and feel the movement more precisely in the area that they are working.
  4.  Another little protocol or trick a personal trainer can do is change of the work are completely. the personal trainer can give an Orthodox workout by changing all the rules and doing a routine backwards. Meaning working smaller muscle groups first, alternating one exercise would another in a superset fashion. Or combining 2 to 3 exercises performed in the circuit manner.
  5.  The last and most important of all a personal trainer can do for a client that is not having a good day. Is be sympathetic and understanding that the client is struggling and cannot meet the demands of the day. This is very common in all sports and coaches noticed this and give their players a break. The personal   trainer can be understanding to the client and just work with the client as best as that can.  The personal trainer can use this as a fun day in the fitness program., bonding more with their client and educating them more nutrition or going over their meal plan.  All these steps can be worked to enable a personal trainer work together to reach their goals.

Michael Metchikian,CPT,CES,NASM

Michael works with clients in-home, apartments gym  or the fitness center of their choice.  is educate in many different modalities of training such as strength training, balance and flexibility, yoga and Pilates-based movements. He usually sees clients in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Florida area.