As an at-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area Florida. I have noticed my clients making tremendous progress in their weight loss programs or body transformation programs through whole body workouts. There are many advantages to whole body workouts. I would like to go over the top five reasons whole body workouts could be included in a weight loss program.

  1. Whole body workouts burn a tremendous amount of calories. In fact strength training burns more calories in the long run than just aerobics to. One example is if you were to pull perform a 45 minute stretching session. Followed the next day by a 45 minute aerobic workout. Since strength training involves more muscles and time under tension. After you stop working out. You still burn more calories at rest then if you do straight aerobics. whole body workouts put a tremendous amount of stress on your muscles because you’re working all the muscles together. Unlike doing body parts like a simple bodybuilding or a powerlifting routine. And since it’s done in a private one-on-one setting which I practice in my at-home personal training business.
  2.  One of the advantages of whole body workouts is that the personal trainer can alter the exercises and create more variety. This way the body is unable to adapt to the program which means more calories burned and the strenuous workout. One of the keys and secrets to always make progress in workouts is to alter the program and keep adjusting the exercises, repetitions, sets, and rest. This way there’s always a challenge and the personal training session.
  3.  When whole body workouts there is no need to work out every day. 2 to 3 times a week is all the client needs. Because of the tremendous demand on the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Rest is very important in regards the whole body workouts.
  4.  With whole body workouts nutrition is very important. Because this such a great demand of energy expenditure throughout the workout. A personal fitness trainer can help you set up a program that can help with recovery time. At the same time making sure that body fat levels are lessened or kept at a minimum.
  5.  Since whole body workouts put the body under tremendous tension. It is important to have a personal trainer that is experience and physical rehabilitation and pain-free management. Assessing the body every week to make sure it is balanced and performing properly is very important. The last 15 minutes of the whole body workout should be dedicated to soft tissue work, rubber band work, and stability ball exercises to make sure that the client is finely tuned after work out.

Whole body workouts were very popular in the 60s and 70s. Many athletes, movie stars, entertainers, and bodybuilders use whole body workouts and their workout regimes. Whole body workouts have made a come back because of the tremendous success and results that client’s experience.