As it at home personal trainer in the Boca Raton in Delray Beach area Florida. Many of my in-home clients main goals is to lose body fat. In my initial assessment with them. When we start talking about their goals in regards to it were weight loss program. Many times new clients don’t have realistic expectations. Such as losing 20 pounds in one month is not realistic and very unhealthy. After I finish my interview with my clients and they have told me all their expectations and  goals about their weight lose program.

When it’s my turn to speak I will set them straight on how a healthy weight loss program could be started and performed with success. Losing one or 2 pounds per week is the ideal formula in a weight loss program. This way they are not being starved or nutritionally depleted. They can eat to fill their nutritional needs throughout the day. Having a great workout along with an energetic day. It is very important to sit down and talk to your clients and have them realize what realistic expectations are. The relationship between the client that the fitness trainer must be one with good communication and understanding. Here are some key points I tried to teach my clients throughout their weight loss journey.

  1. Teaching my clients how to eat smaller portion meals throughout the day. This is where the keys to keeping energy levels up. Small meals also help in easier digestion and the simulation. This way the digestive system doesn’t get overly taxed and overworked.
  2.  Being properly hydrated is very important for someone that it’s on a weight loss program. It is important to teach my clients to drink water throughout the day. Proper hydration is very important for the organs, muscles, and energy throughout the day. If the client isn’t properly hydrated throughout the day. They can get fatigued easily.
  3.  A healthy lifestyle is very important in health as it is in a weight loss program. Teaching my clients to always have food ready whenever they are hungry is one of the keys to making smart choices. Being prepared by having food available is one of the keys to staying on a weight loss program. Cooking a few simple meals and storing them in a Tupperware goes a long way in keeping one on their program.
  4.  Having a positive attitude throughout the day is important in life. Making the right decisions takes lots of experience and encouragement. But if the client does fall off their program and need something that they shouldn’t. The personal trainer can help them get back on track by giving them words of encouragement and advice.
  5.  Staying on an exercise program is very important in a weight loss program. Results can be attained easier by someone exercising 3 to 4 times weekly. Some of these sessions can be strength training sessions. While others can be cardiovascular work and aerobics. Combining both is the final touch that helps with weight loss success.