As an at-home personal fitness trainer and the physical rehabilitation specialist. I am always showing my clients little techniques, tweaks, and changes in their exercise program that will help them reach their fitness goals safely and more efficiently. One of the most important things in strength training is how you hold on to the dumbbells, barbells or any type of handle. This also goes for the proper gripping for a weighted ball, kettlebell, or even rubber bands. I see many people being trained with and proper finger, grip or wrist positioning. How you position your hands by gripping is very important. Proper grip and wrist positioning help you aline the elbows, arms and even shoulders. One of these examples is when you’re doing back work. Most people at the end of the back work when the hands come close to the body they flex their wrists in.  Another example is with the bent over a row.

Here are three key points to remember while performing strength training exercises.

1. Always wrap your fingers around the dumbbell or the barbell completely. Make sure it’s an even grip. Using all your fingers helps you get a better grip and prevents you from dropping the weight. Never use a false grip

2.. Make sure when gripping a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell That you keep the wrist straight in the neutral position. This goes with doing any kind of cable work try not to have your wrist turn in or away from you. This can lead to injury.

3.Most exercises from the upper body start with your hands. Make sure there’s always proper hand spacing in each exercise. I recommend always a full grip would a neutral wrist.  When using weighted balls make sure that your hands are fully evenly gripping the object.