There are many ways to approach weight loss. Since I’m an at-home personal trainer. Working in the Boca Raton Florida area. One of the major requests in my business is weight loss. Because there are so many different approaches to weight loss. Such as infomercials, aggressive diets and dozens of quick weight loss advertisements on TV. It gets kind of confusing. You can join the box gym and to boot camp. To me boot camps you just a number in a group of people. Usually the strongest survive and the people that really need it I left out. You can join one of those commercials on TV where they lose 67 pounds into three months. These are just business models for the investors. Get rich quick scheme. You can just try a Weight Watchers type of weight loss program. Which is usually portion control and the give-and-take awful food list. They don’t ask you to exercise its not even recommended. So the bottom line is  that every client wants just to take the weight off. They really don’t care about the program. They just want the weight loss.

This is where personal fitness trainer comes in that specializes in weight loss programs. Now you’re working with someone individually one-on-one. They’ll learn about your personality. They’ll figure out your strong points of motivation. They’ll figure out your weak points of motivation. They will also figure out a diet that’s right for you thorough thorough assessment. They’ll also learn more about your nutritional needs through the workouts sessions. Just remember one-on-one workouts are not only designed for your exercise needs. But also their assessments and how you move. Also the trainer will figure out through Small talk about your lifestyle and eating habits. It is the sure fire way if one could afford it. Is the higher a personal trainer one-on-one.  Now financial issues are very personal with the client and I don’t get involved with that.

Here are some major points that a personal fitness trainer can help a client would a positive successful weight loss program. Remember it’s about doing get safely effectively and there’s has to be a fun component. in an exercise program is supposed to be enjoyable and fun. Now fund is a media laughing joking and fool around. There’s also a way to have fun while working hard to achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Keeping a journal. In my weight loss program. I hand out a personalized exercise and fitness Journal. This journal not only has places where the client will write down what they eat for the day. It also has measurements taken, body weight in the mood level of the client for the day. journals are one sure way that a client can be held accountable for their actions. This way it’s in black and white. The personal trainer can just assess the situation. Give choices of other foods that could be substituted. And it will all be a positive experience.
  2.  The simple things that matter are what is going to get you to a weight loss program in the long run. Such as preparing your meals before hand and getting them in. Coolers are very handy and they’re very modern now for this situation. One of the reasons people fail off their programs is they forget to prepare food in advance. Then when they have nothing to eat that’s good for them they make bad choices. So always having to three meals prepped in your fridge will take you a long way into your weight loss success.
  3.  This is one that everyone knows but it’s very easy to forget. Especially people that are out hustling with their families, business and social life. Staying properly hydrated especially for someone that works out is very important. Many people question that dispute this is a total fallacy. In a weight loss program be hydrated is one of the key components to keeping a healthy body and obtaining your goals. So drinking the proper amount of water throughout the day make the biggest difference. An outside liquids like diet sodas, coffees and teas or juices are not included as in the proper hydration protocol.
  4.  Making sure you work out 2 to 3 times a week is very important. Even including one or two walks that can get aggressive at times is highly recommended. Walks are not only good to get some exercise in. They’re also very good for the mind and move. Walking is highly recommended especially getting outside when the weather permit.
  5.  Communication with your personal fitness trainer. With my weight loss program. I am always there to answer my kinds questions on how they doing throughout the day. Giving them words of support and motivate. Communication is a key ingredient in a relationship with any business, sport or relationship. It’s actually the number one factor wide personal fitness trainers reach a high level of success with their business.
  6.  This is the hardest one of all the recommendations. What happens when a client falls off the weight loss program? this is where a valuable experience pills or trainer comes in handy. They have to handle the situation accordingly to the relationship they have with the client. This is where chemistry comes in. In my business when someone falls off the wagon and games 2-3 pounds. I’m there to support them and give them all the motivation to get back on track and continue with their journey. One thing I don’t do is be negative and discouraging. Words like failure, you gain to 3 pounds, why did you do it. What were you thinking is not in my toolbox of psychological help. There is a way that the client and the personal trainer can get together and work things out. This is all about the client and not about you. So if they fail let your ego go. That’s why I’m not a big believer in weight loss programs were groups of people. Because this very good people that could be very successful but they are left out of the crowd. And not just breaks my heart. That there is also no yelling in exercise. Because I am not talking to a bunch of people. I am one-on-one what a very special person to help them achieve their goals. And that special to me.

These are so these are some key points that are very helpful with a weight loss program. The simpler you make a weight loss program and the more distant relationship with the client is what will make it work together. Please try some of these recommendations. I have tremendous success in my business from these little points. I hope you can do the same. I wish you luck on your journey with your client and their fitness goals.