In my in-home personal training business in Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida. I get many requests for weight loss. Besides being pain-free and rehabilitation issues. Weight loss is the number one reason why people seek outside help and turn to personal fitness trainers. As personal fitness trainers, is very important to understand the struggle a potential client has with weight loss. There are many diets out there that are just business models. Most of all these diets are not doable long-term. The best long-term nutrition program is a change to a healthy lifestyle. Low-calorie diets and drastic measures are just temporary. The statistics are that after two years 80% of people that have lost weight will gain it back. Those are very unfavorable odds that I would not want to be up against. It is most important that someone that wants to lose weight seeks to help of a weight-loss specialist.  a fitness professional that will be there to help with giving the client motivation, education, sympathy and tough love when they needed as there being trained

Finding the right personal trainer is the key ingredient to weight loss success. Someone that has the knowledge, experience and proven record with results in the weight loss industry. This is not so easy to do. There are many types of trainers than handle clients differently.  It is very important to find the right trainer that motivates you in a positive way. Because there will be times when you will struggle with your weight loss issues. Those are the times that a trainer comes in handy. Many trainers don’t understand how to handle clients needs psychologically when they struggle with weight loss.

Chemistry with a trainer is very important. Finding the right diet, exercise program and to the right motivation for the client is very. It is not always about go go go. There’s a time for patience, understanding and reflection on the task at hand. In my own in-home personal training business. It is very valuable to understand my client’s need and goals. I have to understand their strong points and weak points. That way I can work on them to balance out their goals and make them more realistic and obtainable.  This takes tremendous patience, understanding and willpower for the trainer. It’s all worth it when the client reaches their fitness goals.