One of the most common reasons why an adult hires a personal trainer is for weight loss. Many Americans are overweight due to improper nutrition and lack of exercise. People are busy with life and life’s problems. Life is unpredictable. We all have family, business, and friends who need help. We can be distracted by our own needs. We fall off course in our eating habits making poor chooses. We stop making time to exercise and move. This sedentary lifestyle can affect one’s body to gain fat and become less active.

  As an at-home personal fitness trainer and weight loss specialist. Many people contact me to help them with their weight loss and fitness issues. The goals are the same for my clients that want to lose weight The way we go about is different for every client. Everyone has different needs when it comes to weight loss. Finding the right nutrition program is key. A nutrition program that is well rounded and complete. Also, the food has to be appealing to the client. Taste and flavor are very important in a nutrition weight loss program. Many other factors go into designing a weight loss program such as ethnicity and culture. Work schedules and hours are also important. Also family structure and support. All these factors play a major role in a successful weight loss program.

An experienced personal trainer can help design a realistic nutrition program. One that the client can follow successfully because it designed for their specific needs. It takes a while until the trainer can have enough feedback and history about the client’s needs and likes in regards to their nutritional needs and desires

Here are some basic tools a trainer can use to help with weight loss.Boca raton weight loss programs

     1. Have a realistic and honest conversation about your goals with your trainer. Be honest and express your desire and motivation to lose weight.

     2.  Have the personal trainer have a logbook for your daily food intake and how you felt that day, At Five-Way fitness, we have an 8-12 daily nutrition and exercise journal that we follow each workout session with the client.

     3. Have the trainer teach you how do say no in a stressful situation when it comes down to food choices. Learning how to make sound food choices when in a stressful mindset.

    4. Having meals and a program ready every day. So there is no room to make bad choices. Early preparation of food is very important.

     5. Support form family and friends help the client keep on track. Having people that understand you and are supporting you can make a big difference in your weight loss journey.

    These important points are stable for a successful exercise and weight loss program. The Magic happens when the client and fitness trainer get on the same page. This makes for a good team that works together achieve the clients’ weight loss goals. In any successful health program. Understanding the clients’ needs is the first and most important step.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, NKT  is an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss, Physical rehabilitation, strength training, and people with pain movement issues,