Many adults start to lose their mobility and strength as they age. Many consider this a natural part of the aging process. It is not. The problem lies in how we take care of our bodies and health. There is a part of the population that maintains its strength ( muscle mass) and mobility at a later age. But unless we have a fitness program that incorporates strength training and other exercises specific to the individual. Soon or later we lose our strength and the ability to move properly.

As a personal fitness trainer and corrective exercise specialist. I am hired by many adults who have lost there strength and mobility because they stopped being active. There are many reasons such as accidents, injuries, lack of motivation or knowledge on how to start or maintain an exercise program. This is where a great personal trainer comes in. Especially if they can come to your home.  At home personal training is the best way for adults to get in shape. It’s convenient, time-saving, comfortable because it’s your home or community gym. It’s safe because a specialist is with you making sure all the exercises are performed safely and properly. Have a fitness trainer help you go through a workout is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. A trainer can asses your needs and prescribe the proper exercises and sets you need to reach your goals.

Here are some Key Points that are important when working with a fitness trainer.

  1. Is the trainer educated and experienced in your specific type of Goals?
  2.  Did they perform a full assessment of your movement patterns and strength levels? Physical rehabilitation program helps adults achieve greater fitness results.
  3.  Did they take the time to ask your questions about your past health history, injuries, and medications?
  4.  Did they have you fill out a Para Q form?
  5.  Do they have a background and experience in Physical Rehabilitation?
  6.  Do they have other special modalities such as Massage License, Kneuro Kintenic Therapy practitioner or Physical therapist?
  7.  Is their chemistry and Compatability with the trainer so both can work as a team?

All these key points are very important when looking to hire a fitness trainer. Once you have found the right person. Getting help and start is a lot easier and fun, That is what a fitness program should be. Exercise is supposed to make you feel strong and active. Not tired and sluggish.

Now for the formation on the importance of strength and mobility for adults. Most accidents happen because adults need to be strong and mobile to avoid falls and sleeps. When they do fall. Most adults don’t have the strength and power to maintain and stabilize their fall. This is where a good strength training program comes in handy. When you practice in an exercise program strengthening and mobility exercises. When you are active in your life? If you fall and slip. These practices will help you overcome injuries such as broken hips, torn shoulder muscles, and head injuries. Also for those who have past injuries or joint replacements such as hips, knees, and shoulder. Strength training and mobility work is a great way to keep those areas functioning properly.