In my at-home personal training business in Boca Raton, Florida. I’m always getting requests from people who have back problems that want to start an exercise program. They have joined the gym and try to do it on their own. Going through the machines and start lifting weights trying to get back into shape. after to three weeks, they start feeling pain in the joints and even muscles. This is very common because before they started to exercise day started to develop balance issues with their bodies. Such as tight muscles and weak muscles. Uneven hips and rounded shoulders that could lead to a lot of muscle-skeletal pain. The fix for this situation is hiring a certified personal trainer that knows how to balance out these problems. One of the major problems is lower backs. Here are some key points that a personal trainer can help you for a strong and healthy back.

1. First thing is a certified personal trainer that is knowledgeable and muscle imbalances and corrective exercise is to give a thorough assessment. This way the root of the problem is discovered in the right course of treatment can be implemented.

2.Making sure to gluteal muscles are firing properly. Also that your glutes are strong and balanced in all three areas such as the glutinous medias and        Maximus.Weekly muscles are one of the major reasons for lower back pain. Which can prevent the client from exercising?

3.Stretching the hamstrings and making sure their functional can also help alleviate back pain.

4. Strengthening the abdominal wall and all the muscles around the lumbar pelvic hip area can balance out the interior portion of the midsection. Creating balanced muscles from front to back is one of the keys to a healthy back.

5. Making sure the client is breathing properly from their lower of the abdomen is very important. Also checking to see if the diaphragm is working properly when the client is breathing is very important. This issue is often overlooked and is one of the causes of major back pain for many fitness enthusiasts.

6.  Five way fitness certified personal trainer will make sure that their client is moving properly and without pain during their workout. This way the client can make progress and move pain-free.