Today many Americans have some kind of musculoskeletal pain or injury from their past history with sports or working out. This can be a problem for adults who want to exercise and keep their bodies healthy and fit. Many have sought some form of physical therapy or treatment but have not been successful. Others just deal with the pain and discomfort and do the best they can. This eventually leads to staggered or no progress.. Many eventually stop exercising altogether.

As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in corrective exercise. Helping people become pain-free and able to exercise without pain. Many of my clients come to me for various injuries or muscle imbalances along with their fitness goals. The key to helping these people become pain-free and move freely is assessments. Assessing the client to find out what is causing their in pain or restriction move. The next step is to give them exercises and movements to correct their problem. Afterwards, they can start working on their fitness goals. In an exercise program, physical therapy and strength training should be equal. No matter what the goals are for the client.

As an At-Home Personal Trainer. training at home has many advantages. Such as a private, relaxed and attentive atmosphere. at the. is the best way to achieve fast, safe and effective results. At-home fitness is private, no travel time, and in your home which is a clean environment. Hire a knowledgeable Five Way Fitness to help you with your fitness Goals.We service the Boca Raton area.