More and more adults are overweight and out of shape today people because of busy lifestyles, long hours at work, and bad nutritional choices. Many Americans have a hard time staying fit and healthy. As a personal fitness trainer who works with clients at their homes. Most of my clients at first are overweight, unhealthy, and have not exercised for many years. This is the typical client that seeks out a personal trainer. What is different about Five Way Fitness personal trainers is the way their programs work. FWF Personal trainers are very organized in the way they set up programs for the clients. Pertaining to the clients needs such as weight loss programs, physical therapy( pain free), strength training, balance and flexibility issues, or just plain general fitness. Our programs are very individualized and structured around the goals of the client. Here’s what makes us unique.

  1. It is very important for at-home  personal trainer to keep records of their client’s goals, food choices, exercise routines, and various measurements. Such as the  clients body weight, measuring the circumference of various body parts, pictures, and how they feel before they work out and after. All these records are monitored and can help the personal trainer adjust the nutrition and workouts accordingly. Helping the client reach their fitness goals safely, effectively, and with fun.
  2.  What I have noticed in personal fitness centers or large box gyms, how much socializing the client and the personal trainer do. Especially if the client is on a machine such as the leg press, leg extension or even a lack pulldown. There seems to be a dialogue going back and forth between the client and the personal trainer. This is the personal trainers fault. Because early in the relationship with the client the fitness trainer should have taken control of the workout. This way the client gets all the attention on them. This will help the client make better progress in their fitness goals.
  3.  In regards to program set up. Five weight fitness trainers plan out a workout in advanced for their clients. Many personal trainers just go with whatever machines are around and put their clients through a series of exercises. There should be a workout program planned ahead of time for every client. Everyone is different and needs individualized exercise programs.
  4.  Five way fitness trainers are programmed to watch and make sure you do the exercise correctly. As the client goes over the sequence of repetitions. The trainer  is constantly adjusting the clients form. This way the client is doing the exercise correctly and can get most benefit out of the exercise. Many times personal trainers just let their clients do the exercise. Not really knowing how to queue or critique the clients form. By doing this the client is learning positive exercise patterns and correct movement.
  5.  Exercise is supposed to be fun. A FWF  fitness trainer delivers an experience in every workout. They motivate and inspire the client to reach greater heights with their fitness levels. Exercise can be fun when the client and the personal trainer work towards a common goal which is getting results for the client.