As a personal fitness trainer and exercise movement specialist, one of the first areas of the body I look at is the feet. The feet are very important in the movement of a client. I assess the feet by just having the client stand in front of you with their shoes and socks off.  A skilled personal trainer can tell a lot about a client by doing this. A trainer can assess many problems, such as postural distortions in the body. Having bad feet can give you knee problems, hip problems, and lower back issues.

A good example of this is one of my in-home personal training clients, Marsha. When I assessed Marsha, she had very bad pronated feet. This problem gave her issues with her knees and her lower back. As I gave her exercises to correct the muscles that made her feet pronated, she was able to exercise with less pain and more efficiency in her movements.

A well-trained personal trainer can assess the issues of the feet, can give exercises with rubber bands and angled blocks for stretching the calves, and can teach leg exercises that can align the issues.  Once the issues of the feet are cleared up, then the client can exercise pain-free and make progress in their fitness program.