One of the reasons why I have such great success with weight loss in my in home personal training business is. I have my clients keep a food journal. Food journaling is a tremendous asset in a weight loss program. In my at-home business in Delray Beach and Boca Raton Florida. All my clients that are in the weight loss program are required to keep a food journal. This is not your average notebook that I have you write down which we eat and exercise daily. This is a custom journal, that not only tracks your weight, body measurements, pictures. It tracks your personal training sessions workworks. It also tracks your nutritional intake for the day. Also it has a human anatomy chart so we could refer to muscles and bones. It also has a list of foods and the nutritional breakdown such as calories, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. I order my journals from private label fitness which are based on a California.

Here are some of the top five reasons why food journaling is very important for weight loss success.

  1. As a personal trainer I try to educate my clients on a healthy lifestyle. As I make recommendations on food choices. I also make sure that they are following through on their choices. That’s where a food journal comes in handy. Before every training session. I sit down with my clients and I go over the food journal. I could see in black and white what they had eaten and the choices that have made. I can correct them by giving them alternative choices on foods that they should not have eaten. Also praise them on the smart choices that have made when they had followed through on the program. Seeing results on paper is one of the keys to weight loss success. It’s very important to keep records and track nutritional intake.
  2.  Having your client accountable for the actions and choices they have made in a nutritional program is very important. In weight loss, is very important to give the client choices on the food they can eat. When you give someone choices. They feel empowered because they can make the right decision and have freedom and flexibility on the decision they make. Journaling is in black and white. It’s very easy to hold the client accountable on their food choices. Resulting in weight loss success in the long run.
  3.  If personal trainers are not writing down what the clients exercise routine is? How are they to know if they’re making progress? They can’t always just believe the trainer. That’s why writing everything down on every personal training session is very important for weight loss success. This way the client can see that they have improved their exercise performance on paper. It’s very inspirational and motivating to show the client that they went up from 10 squats to 25 squats in a few workouts. It gives themselves a sense of accomplishment and pride that the are getting the job done. So as the volume of sets, increase the weight or less time resting is Performed. It is very important to see it on paper that shows true progress. Progress can’t be measured if it is a recorded.
  4.  In a professional standpoint. if a personal trainer does not write down what the client is eating in a weight loss program? Or if they’re not writing down what they have done in a workout? It shows total unprofessionalism. In all medical fields, business, and athletics. There are records always recorded. Statistics are very important in a weight loss program.
  5.   When a personal trainer gives a client a food journal. He is giving the client some responsibility to partake in their weight loss success. Fitness and weight loss just like in life is all about doing things that are good for you and eliminating the bad. Food journals can help the client overcome bad habits, irresponsibility and teach the client to take care of their needs outside of the time that a trainer spends with them.

Food journaling has much more to offer in a fitness program. Not only does a teacher client a healthy lifestyle. It also can help with physical rehabilitation( pain-free) strength training, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Just like in school putting the pen and the paper together can make all the difference in your quest for health and longevity.