As a corrective exercise specialist who specializes in working with people that have neurological disorders. More and more adults are getting diagnosed with neurological disorders at an earlier age.  Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and Alzheimer’s disease or just a few of the issues facing adults today. These neurological disorders can cause tremendous problems in the lifestyle and longevity of many adults and even children. It’s very discouraging that the medical community has not experimented or implemented any protocols in regards to exercise or movement for these certain disorders. Only in the exercise world have many passion of people that are interested in the well-being with people who have disorders to maintain a high quality of life and dignity. As a personal trainer who specializes in people with these disorders. My passion is to help people live a life worth living. My business is based on going to people’s homes and exercising them. Helping them become pain-free, active, and functional to the best of their abilities.

Happy senior woman sitting on the grey ball and holding the blue ball while exercising at a gym

There is tremendous help and advancement in the exercise field with people who have neurological disorders. Exercise science has come a long way with special protocols to help people become more active and healthy with their adversities.  As a corrective exercise specialist, I specialize in protocols that help people balance out their bodies so they could move properly. One of the programs that I practice is called the Parkinson’s regeneration protocol. It’s the state-of-the-art exercise program that helps people with neurological disorders regain their movement, strength, and big physically fit. Having an at-home personal trainer can help tremendously with the progress of someone who has Parkinson’s disease. Exercise can help to lay and prolong the progression. Helping the client Live day today physically active and be able to take care of themselves.

Traditional field therapy is not very effective for people who have neurological disorders who want to work out. Because it is an outdated model. There are many new modern therapies that can help people with neurological disorders. Here are some therapies or protocols.

  1. NeuroKinetic Therapy. Therapy that finds how muscles work and patterns. Also finding muscles that the brain doesn’t recognize.
  2. Massage and movement training on a trainer’s or massage table. People with neurological disorders cannot do floor work on the floor. Putting them up on the table makes it a lot easier for the practitioner to work on them and is a very good safety concern for the client.
  3. Dancing is very good for people who have movement problems. Especially neurological disorders. An example is Parkinson’s. It is recommended that the client dance to the music of the hustle. A 1970s disco hit
  4.  Strength training. Only with a twist. Rather than using machines and barbells. Using resistance bands and dumbbells so the person that only gets strength but will create course debility all in one exercise.

As an at-home personal trainer that specializes in neurological disorders. I incorporate all these protocols to help my clients regain proper movement and continue to improve with their fitness and physical challenges. There’s a tremendous advancement of modern physical medicine that could help people move better and regain their lives. Hope is out there for everyone that has neurological disorders. The one thing that stands in their way is finding the right therapist, Trainer, or move a specialized to help them.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, NKT 3 has a private studio and also do home visits. He specializes in fitness training for all ages. He is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. And he works in the Palm Beach and Broward counties.