One of the major complaints of adults today is back pain. Lower back pain is the number one disability why workers of America call out sick. Americans spend$50 billion a year on back pain treatment and medications. Besides the loss of productivity in years of life, chronic back brain’s major problem is how to treat it. Americans go to orthopedists which  prescribed  physical therapy and medications. Icing and stretching the area. A basic general exercise routine. Acupuncture and yoga. All these treatments help but still there is pain. him

As a at home personal fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss and pain free movement. Many of my clients come to me with such problems as being overweight and having musculoskeletal pain. They claimed that they have tried programs before and have failed.  Is there a sure fire way to treat back pain and get rid of it for good. I believe there is. It starts with finding the proper fitness professional or personal trainer that can help you assess the area. Then design the proper action to take. And the most important step is be there for you through the process of healing, getting stronger and returning back to an active lifestyle.

As a personal trainer in Delray Beach, Florida. I meet many men and women who are experiencing tremendous pain daily. After a simple assessment. I found out many things about how their bodies aren’t working right. Our muscles are not balanced. How one area is more challenged or overworked and the other. Also finding areas that are weak and that cannot handle the demand of the body moving. I designed a program specifically tailored for that individual. We start with all the movements modified so that the client can perform the movements without any trouble. After slow progression through each session with my clients. Usually after 3 to 4 workouts we see a tremendous reduction in pain and the body to move freely. Once the body moves pain-free. We can slowly progress to make the body more stable, mobile and strong. There is a process to helping people become pain-free. It all starts with a good personal fitness trainer, patients and a good work ethic.