As a at personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist. I get it people should be practicing a healthy lifestyle. I also get it there are special occasions when we all have to celebrate with family and friends over food. Food is a very poor and element in keeping families together during holiday seasons and special occasions. All different cultures have special  traditions on how to prepare a variety of foods according to their cultures and customs. Many of these foods are laden with lots of sugar and fat. Nutritionally do not ideal to help the body function properly. Rather though slow up the body and make it unhealthy.

I get, it it’s that special time year. We all have to treat ourselves to certain cooked meats, vegetables and other carbohydrates that are not really recommended to us over the course of the year. As I was talking to one of my clients in her high-rise fitness facility in  Fort Lee, New Jersey. After a workout we were talking about what to eat during the holidays. Map out a plan that she could treat yourself and enjoy the special treats. Also not putting on any additional weight during the holidays.

If weight loss is your goal I can tell you by being a weight-loss specialist. That you need to practice giving and taking. Which means try to balance out your calorie intake for the day along with some exercise. Exercise goes a long way in helping one to maintain their goals in weight loss. As a personal fitness trainer I am dedicated to educating my clients and how to eat properly and still enjoy a treating themselves to a variety of unhealthy foods.

The secret to maintaining a healthy weight or to stay on a weight loss program is moderation. It is more advisable for a client to treat themselves once a week. Choosing an unhealthy meals that’s portion controlled is a good idea to help keep the client on track and still enjoy a the foods that they crave. One piece of cheesecake or ball of ice cream never added even a single pound to anyone. It’s always the person that eats the cake. Then their mindset says the hell with it and just  keeps on indulging in foods that are not recommended towards their weight loss program.

As a personal fitness trainer. I’m strictly dedicated to a lifestyle that is free. I don’t believe the gym that alcohol is healthy for anybody.  any educated expert or professional in fitness knows that alcohol is poison to the body. Even a single ounce of alcohol disables the liver to burn fat for three days. This should write their put an end to doubt the whole controversy. I have had many clients over many years that were drinkers. I can honestly tell you truthfully that none of them reach their fitness goals 100% with the use of even moderate alcohol consumption. No alcohol. Get over it. Stop crying about it. Let’s start getting in shape and living life alcohol free.

In closing, I recommend enjoying yourself what your families and friends. Eating the foods that you crave and enjoyed during your holidays. Keep in mind to moderate and control the binging. Enjoy