Take a deep breath and listen closely as we tell you this: you’re doing it wrong. Breathing, like your heart beat is something your body does automatically; all day, every day. But unlike your heart beat, you can actually change the way you breathe and most people are doing it wrong, during periods of rest and while working out. Personal trainers understand the difference proper breathing techniques can make during a work out so try to understand if your fitness trainer in Edgewater consistently reminds you to breathe during your session.

Breathing correctly can help increase oxygenation to your muscles and internal organs, allowing them to function better and increase levels of performance. Proper breathing is also shown to lower blood pressure, improve nervous system responses and increase mental focus. But a few simple deep breaths will not deliver lasting effects. The way in which you breathe, either through the nose or the mouth, has much to do with the quality of each breath. Breathing through the mouth often causes people to overbreathe and hyperventilate during exercise. Breathing through your nose during strenuous workouts actually improves athletic performance and is even thought to help with raising metabolism.

Signs of incorrect breathing include chronic stuffy nose, frequent sighing, breathing through the mouth, erratic breathing and noticeable breathing at rest. If you are breathing correctly, your belly should move in and out before your chest, not the other way around. If you have a congested nasal passage and breathing through the nose is difficult, there are certain techniques you can employ in order to break up the congestion and breathe freely through your nose.

Breathe easy. Your trainer can help you move past your breathing mistakes and help you experience a better workout and better results.