As a personal fitness trainer in Boca Raton Florida, I come across clients who have been exercising for many years. They still have not made progress in their fitness programs.  They complain and tell me how hard they worked out, how they have tried one program after another, how they have eaten the right kinds of foods, and gotten all the rest that was required of them – and still no progress. I can see in their eyes and the way they talk that the motivation is there.

As I talk to them more about what they have done in their fitness programs and begin to work with them, I notice that the consistency of them training 2 to 3 times a week is not there. They always have an excuse that they have to cancel or not make it on any particular day. Training once a week or even twice in a fitness program is not going to bring results, no matter what the goals are. There must be a fitness program that’s regimented and consistent.

One example is my client Samantha from Delray Beach, Florida. When we started to work out the first to two weeks, she was able to go three times a week. In the last 2-3 weeks, she started to fall behind training twice and once for a few weeks. There were no emergencies in her life. No family or children issues. She started to slack off, as did her progress. I pointed this out to her. And for the past six weeks, we have been doing it consistently – all six weeks in a row. She made tremendous progress in her rehabilitation program to strengthen her back. We also together put a program where she lost 10 pounds, and her overall strength and endurance was up on an incline.

When hiring a personal trainer, the trainer himself is the secret. He can motivate you, inspire you, and hold you accountable for your actions that are lacking. Holding someone accountable is one of the best ways to get results in fitness and health, period. In my at-home personal training business, clients don’t have to travel, and they are given times that are reasonable for them to carry out their fitness goals. At-home training eliminates travel time. Your training, your home, your clean atmosphere. And it’s also private, meaning that there are no distractions.

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