As a personal fitness trainer in Boca Raton, Florida, I’m always motivating my clients towards consistency with their fitness goals on a weekly basis. Results are produced not only by hard work and motivation but also with consistency towards week in and week out putting in the required workouts needed to see positive change in someone’s fitness level. Just a few of the ways that clients can keep their fitness success is by being punctual with their personal training sessions. It is not only the responsibility of the personal fitness trainer but also with the client on them having the motivation and determination to keep exercising during times that are difficult.

As I was talking to one of my clients in her private studio in New Jersey, we were talking about how motivated she was towards getting a workout in on a weekly basis. This was the key to her weight loss and success in raising her fitness level. Sometimes, one has to do a few things right, such remaining consistent, being a hard worker, and also being punctual in times of adversity. An example of this is I have a client who is a single mom with two three-year-old boys who were twins. She’s always tired, in a hurry and busy, yet she never misses a workout. That’s why she keeps on improving towards her fitness goals as to keep her weight in check and keep her body toned and lean.