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  1. How a personal trainer can show you the proper handgrip and wrist positioning?

    As an at-home personal fitness trainer and the physical rehabilitation specialist. I am always showing my clients little techniques, tweaks, and changes in their exercise program that will help them reach their fitness goals safely and more efficiently. One of the most important things in strength training is how you hold on to the dumbbells, barbells or any type of handle. This also goes for the…Read More

  2. How a personal trainer can help you rehabilitate your injuries and help you move pain-free?

    Many adults hire personal trainers to help them with their fitness program. There are many types of personal trainers. Body transformations, weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular fitness and endurance and general fitness. All of these might be different goals. One of the challenges that all personal trainer's face, when they get an adult client, is that adults have body imbalances, injuri…Read More

  3. What is a proper warm-up in a workout program?

    A warm-up is one of the most important phases of an exercise program. Warm-ups help prepare the body for the activity at hand.  One of the best ways to ensure that you don't get injured and reach your fitness goals is to do a proper warm-up. There are many types of warm-ups. The most popular but not the best is a cardiovascular activity. Using the treadmill, lifecycle or elliptical machine. Many …Read More

  4. How important are assessments in the personal training program?

      when a patient goes to see a doctor about a problem they're having. A doctor assesses the patient by interviewing them about their problem. This is a time to gather information about the patient's history, complaint and any information pertaining to the problem the patient has. As a personal fitness trainer this is a problem that I run into all the time when I watch other fitness trainers pract…Read More

  5. How are At Home five way fitness Boca Raton personal trainers different than other personal trainers?

    As a personal trainer who works with clients at home in the Boca Raton, Florida area. I'm always trying to better my skills at my profession. As I go to fitness centers and personal training studios. I notice more and more how personal fitness trainers don't assess the clients. What I mean is they don't test for muscle imbalances, postural distortions, weaknesses and faulty movement patterns among…Read More

  6. How can a Boca Raton five way fitness personal trainer can help you overcome your injuries and get you back in shape?

    Today many Americans have some kind of musculoskeletal pain or injury from their past history with sports or working out. This can be a problem for adults who want to exercise and keep their bodies healthy and fit. Many have sought some form of physical therapy or treatment but have not been successful. Others just deal with the pain and discomfort and do the best they can. This eventually leads…Read More

  7. Why a Boca Raton five way fitness trainer uses very little machines in a workout session.

    As an at-home personal trainer who trains clients in Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida. My five way fitness personal training program is designed for adults. Many adults have problems such as muscle skeletal injuries, bad posture,  problems with flexibility and balance, stability and strength issues. To correct these problems. A five way fitness personal trainer does a thorough assessment to th…Read More

  8. How an At home Five Way fitness Boca Raton personal trainer can help you have a pain-free back?

    Many Americans have suffered an episode of back pain before the age of 30. 75 to 85% of Americans suffer from lower back pain once in their lifetime. 90% will improve with surgery. 50% of people that have an occurrence of back pain will haven't reoccur within a year. 5.4 million American workers were disabled for one more episode from lower back pain. In the American workforce back pain is a commo…Read More

  9. Why choose a five way fitness Boca Raton personal trainer.

    Many people want to get in shape today. The problem is they don't have the right direction and guidance. Choosing the right personal trainer can be challenging to people who want to start an exercise program. As a at-home personal trainer. I understand the adversities people face when trying to hire a qualified and knowledgeable personal trainer. I specialize in at-home personal training. This mak…Read More

  10. How a Boca Raton five way fitness personal trainer can help you be the best version of yourself?

    More and more adults are overweight and out of shape today people because of busy lifestyles, long hours at work, and bad nutritional choices. Many Americans have a hard time staying fit and healthy. As a personal fitness trainer who works with clients at their homes. Most of my clients at first are overweight, unhealthy, and have not exercised for many years. This is the typical client that seeks…Read More