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  1. The importance of releasing the Diaphragm

    Today more and more adults have issues with their diaphragms. Our diaphragm's Are responsible with many processes such as movement and proper breathing. Whenever there's a dysfunction in the diaphragm. It can effect our lower backs and improper movement throughout her whole body. This dysfunction can especially effect people with neurological disorders. Such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's dise…Read More

  2. How five way fitness personal trainer can help people with Parkinson’s?

    Today more and more adults today are being diagnosed with neurological disorders. Even at a very early age. The doctors send these patients to physical therapy centers. These physical therapy centers are not educated enough to provide the special help needed for a Parkinson's patient needs. Basically they give them simple exercises. That's don't address the issues of the Parkinson's patient.   As…Read More

  3. Rehabilitation With a Personal Trainer vs. Physical Therapy

    Most patients that are released from surgical procedures usually are appointed to a physical therapist. The protocol is the doctor sees them after there surgical procedure or evaluation. Assigning them to a physical therapy center. I do believe this is a smart choice for most patients. I also do believe that after a certain time. The patient can look for a highly skilled personal fitness trainer t…Read More

  4. Physical rehabilitation program helps adults achieve greater fitness results.

    As a personal fitness trainer. Who specializes in physical rehabilitation for adults who need to rehabilitate their injuries and become pain-free. As a at home personal trainer in Boca Raton area of Florida. Most of my clients main goals are to become stronger, more efficient when they exercise with less pain an injury risk. The key is to devolve a physical rehabilitation program to help them move…Read More

  5. Why private sessions at home with a personal fitness trainer produce more results and are safer than group training or boot camp style classes?

    There are many advantages of training with the personal  fitness trainer rather than going to a fitness center to do group classes. As a personal trainer who works at home with his clients in the Boca Raton Florida area. I have tremendous success working with clients one-on-one in a private setting. Many people choose to do group style classes. There are many drawbacks to this type of exercise a…Read More

  6. The importance of a functional and strong back

    Many adults today have a hard time starting and maintaining an exercise program. There are many factors to consider when trying to start exercising after a layoff. More and more adults today have issues regarding muscle skeletal pain, joint replacements, injuries that have never been rehabilitated. It is very important when starting an exercise program that the client has their issues addressed. A…Read More

  7. How a fivewayftiness personal fitness trainer can help you with a pain free exercise program?

    More and more adults today suffer aches and pains in their daily lifestyle activities. Not only is this difficult to perform daily routines. Also is it very difficult to exercise. Adults today need to exercise on a daily basis. This is very hard to do when many adults suffer from muscle imbalances, arthritic joints, joint replacements that have not been rehabilitated properly, and old injuries not…Read More

  8. The importance of a knowledgeable personal trainer when it comes to injuries of the shoulders.

    Today more and more adults have issues with the shoulders. Injuries from High school and college sports. Recreational and home injuries. Overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries such as operations and emotional blocks.  All of these past injuries can prevent an adult when it comes to them starting an exercise program. Today the topic is shoulder injuries. Exercising with shoulder injuries is very dif…Read More

  9. How a physical therapy program can help adults with a strength training workouts?

    Strength training is an important component of fitness of all ages. Especially for people over 40 years old. As we age we developed certain balances and overuse injuries. Training while mother dressing these issues can we down to a path of joint replacements and muscle tears.It is very important to correct muscle imbalances and address all types of injuries. Just can be done by an experienced pers…Read More

  10. The importance of a personal fitness trainer helping joint replacement surgery clients.

    More and more people today are you getting joint replacement surgeries. Especially the baby boomers and the elderly. Joint replacement surgery is a very serious procedure. Not only does it have to be performed by an experienced and reputable orthopedic surgeon. Also the physical therapy program implemented after the surgery must be adequate. Sometimes the success of joint replacement surgeries rel…Read More