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  1. Hiring a personal trainer that can relate to your age and fitness Goals.

      The demand of personal  fitness trainers working with baby boomers in their 50’s and 60’s is on the rise. More and more adults are looking for assistance for personal trainers to help them get back into an active lifestyle. The age group has many issues to over come. Injuries, weight gain and faulty  movement patterns.   As a personal trainer in my 60’s. I come across many people my ag…Read More

  2. The benefits of a five way fitness personal fitness trainer.

      As a personal fitness trainer in the Boca Raton Area of Florida. I am very honored and privileged to have such a variety of clients. As an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes fitness and physical rehabilitation. My company five way fitness helps many people that need to get in shape but I have medical issues with their bodies.   These are some issue that we specialize in. Joint re…Read More

  3. The importance of are thorough assessment before beginning a fitness program

    I have been been in the fitness training business for over 30 years. Many concepts and theories have changed over the years. Most for the better. I would like to discuss the importance of a client being assessed for muscle balance and previous injuries issues. This is very important for the  client because it will help with the client being able to more better. Also helping the client be free of …Read More

  4. Being able to move pain free while exercising and in life.

    I   It is very important to be able to move pain-free. A large portion of the American population has trouble moving correctly. Not only in our daily lives. Also when we are exercising and trying to become healthy can fit.   As a personal fitness trainer works privately with clients in the Boca Raton Area of Florida. When I started assess and work with a new client. It is very rare that http://B…Read More

  5. The most important factor for exercise success and health

    As at home personal fitness trainer who specializes in fitness programs for adults who have pain issues, joint replacements, Parkinson's disease, and have lost mobility. Not be able to properly and have  overall body weakness can affect a person tremendously. It could alternate their lifestyle. Making them less mobile. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle. All complications can be prevented. The k…Read More

  6. How NKT and Five Way Fitness training get take you out of pain and increase your fitness and exercise level?

    As a personal fitness trainer who works with his clients at home in The Boca Raton Area Florida. I have included in my training protocols a very unique and successful from of therapy called NKT( NeuroKentic Therapy).  NKT is a system that helps the practitioner successfully determine the problem why people move with pain. We are have had injuries from sports, accidents, joint replacements, and il…Read More

  7. The importance of hiring a qualified personal trainer.

    Today many people are hiring personal trainers to help them with the fitness or physical therapy programs. There is tremendous interesting seeking a personal trainers to help them accomplish the goals. One of the problems is the clients never ask for any qualifications, certifications, insurance or even referrals of past or present clients. This enables many unqualified personal trainers to get hi…Read More

  8. How functional training can help with people who have Parkinson’s and other Neurological disorders?

      Today morning more people I'm getting diagnosed with neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. Also another fact is people are getting diagnosed in a much younger age. Even though the scientific community is that a struggle trying to find a cure or prevention for these problems. One thing is for sure. People must take control their lives. Doing the best th…Read More

  9. The importance of properly functioning muscles for people who have Parkinson’s disease or other neurological disorders.

      As a personal fitness trainer. Whose practice is at home fitness training. In the Boca Raton Delray Beach area of Florida. I am always improving my skills as a personal fitness trainer. This way my passion for helping people improve the quality of life by becoming pain-free and staying active. One of the disciplines I'm studying is called NKT. Neural  kinetic therapy is a practice which I'm st…Read More

  10. A complete workout session should have a rehabilitation components to it.

    Personal training has come along way. More and more people are hiring personal trainers to help them with their fitness needs. It is very important that anyone wants to accomplish anything in life. That they seek help from an expert. In this topic I'm going to talk about how to be successful and reach your goals with that personal fitness trainer. As a personal fitness trainer that does at home cl…Read More