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  1. The importance of maintaining a healthy body weight.

    Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important and overall health of an individual. As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park New Jersey. I often come across new clients that do not have a healthy muscle to fat ratio. Another words there overweight. Ideal weight is hard to define. Because we might have different bone structures and also carry our we…Read More

  2. The importance of Gluteal activation works in a workout.

    In my private studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I am often asked why do I include gluteal activation exercises in my personal training sessions.  Glueal activation is very important in the whole system of how our bodies work. As a personal fitness trainer, it is my responsibility not only to work my clients safely, with results. Also one of my responsibilities is to continue to make sure that…Read More

  3. The importance of proper rest and exercise program.

    In my private studio, in Cliffside Park New Jersey. I get asked quite often on how much rest should the client get. Even though this is an individual question. Usually a person needs between five and seven hours of sleep daily. This is an average calculated during a given week. Rest is very important, muscles have to recover now only through nutrition but through a good nights rest. Also a lot of …Read More

  4. Our full body workouts most effective way to increase muscle mass, lose body fat and getting excellent fitness shape?

    Doing a full body workout in a personal fitness training session is once sure way to maximize results. As a personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private studio. I have tremendous success with clients who would like to do full body workouts. There are so many different areas of fitness that of full body workout results in. Cardiovascular fitness, strength, using all the muscles in the whole …Read More

  5. Which is better for motivation. Lots of screaming and yelling by the Fitness trainer or the fitness trainer giving correction cues on correcting the client’s form and technique.

    My passion for being at personal fitness trainer is always trying to better myself to educate, motivate and help my clients get fit. I was watching on Facebook this one personal trainer at a local popular boot camp style facility. The post was trying to impress others of how this trainer with screaming and yelling to the trainees going about their fitness routine. The personal fitness trainer had …Read More

  6. The best routine for strength training for the elderly.

      In my privates studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I get many clients that are over the age of 70. As people get up in age, when the most important areas and health is strength. Older people need strength. Even balance is affected by strength. Most adults fall because they cannot maintain themselves to weakness. By strengthening the whole body, the client will have more muscle mass to mov…Read More

  7. Where you train with a professional fitness trainer can make a difference.

    I would like to address the issue of personal training at home, private studio and in a large fitness center. Personal training is about getting instruction, motivation, and personalized attention to achieve the proper fitness goals of the client. I would like to address the three locations and the benefits and the adversities of the three. As for me I have a private fitness studio, in Cliffside, …Read More

  8. Sometimes you just got a keeper client moving.

    As a personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist. There are times when clients come to me not that into or prepared to work out. This happens to any level athlete, competitor or average Joe. There is a saying in the fitness business, 30% today is better than 100% tomorrow. What that means is just to the best you can and get a workout. You don't have to break records or be very strenuous.…Read More

  9. The importance of a mini physical rehabilitation program in every workout session.

    In all my daily personal training session for my clients, in every session I incorporate some sort of physical rehabilitation. It is very important to know the limitations, imbalances and other issues with my clients. As a personal trainer is my responsibility to make sure that my clients reach their goals safely and effectively without any major issues. The major issues I am talking about his mus…Read More

  10. A proper warm-up, a personal trainer’s secret to a productive workout.

        One key important element that I see with people training in the gym is that they don't warm up properly. Most people either will do a cardiovascular machine until they break a sweat. And then they may progress to doing some resistance training or bodyweight training. Of course they start out with a lighter weight and they progress to increase the resistance. There's more to it than …Read More