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  1. How a Boca Raton five way fitness personal trainer can help you be the best version of yourself?

    More and more adults are overweight and out of shape today people because of busy lifestyles, long hours at work, and bad nutritional choices. Many Americans have a hard time staying fit and healthy. As a personal fitness trainer who works with clients at their homes. Most of my clients at first are overweight, unhealthy, and have not exercised for many years. This is the typical client that seek…Read More

  2. How can an at-home Boca Raton Personal Trainer help you with lifestyle changes?

    As an at-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. I always trying to educate my clients on how to make positive lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes are not easy to break. Because their habits and often repeated. By simple suggestions and modifications. I teach my clients how to make the right choices when it comes to eating and taking care of themselves. This is not easy. It ta…Read More

  3. Why choose an at-home Five way fitness Boca Raton personal trainer?

    It's hard to find the right personal trainer.  There many personal trainers that's for sure. Finding the one that's right for you is not so easy. You can go to a health club and sign-up and they'll assign you a personal trainer. You can call personal training studio and start up on their programs. They will also assign you a personal trainer. How do you find the trainer is right for you. That's …Read More

  4. How a personal trainer can help you set up realistic goals in a weight loss program?

    As it at home personal trainer in the Boca Raton in Delray Beach area Florida. Many of my in-home clients main goals is to lose body fat. In my initial assessment with them. When we start talking about their goals in regards to it were weight loss program. Many times new clients don't have realistic expectations. Such as losing 20 pounds in one month is not realistic and very unhealthy. After I f…Read More

  5. Is your personal trainer working hard for you?

    When I go to train for myself at my local fitness center. I try to watch personal trainers with the clients. I am always trying to learn something new on how to train a client more efficiently and creatively. I am also always trying to learn how to set up a relationship between the client and the trainer. Also it is very important that I keep pushing by always learning and working hard towards he…Read More

  6. Personal trainers deliver more than results.

    Many people hire personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals. Whether they be weight loss, strength training, improving cardiovascular endurance, or just general fitness. Personal trainers can help you achieve your goals safely, efficiently, within the least time as possible. Many personal trainers can fill the job I have just described above. The main goal that they have to achieve…Read More

  7. How a personal trainer can help you with your high blood pressure and weight loss?

    Today more more adults are overweight. Being overweight has many disadvantages. Such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and musculoskeletal problems. As an at-home personal trainer in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area I get many clients who are overweight and have high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious issue which can put tremendous stress to your body and organs. …Read More

  8. How an at-home personal trainer can help you with your joint replacement surgery?

    As a personal fitness trainer and corrective exercise specialist. I have many requests from potential clients that have had joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is a very serious matter. There are certain protocols and procedures one must take and perform that they want the best possible outcome. I specialize in clients that want to get fit and have joint replacement surgery. Ther…Read More

  9. How a personal trainer can help you with weight loss if you are diabetic?

    Today more and more overweight people are diabetic. When they try to engage in a weight loss and exercise program. They run into a roadblock. Diabetes is a very serious issue. It takes a experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer to work with the client that is diabetic who is looking to lose weight and be active more. As a at-home personal trainer that works with my clients in the Delray Bea…Read More

  10. How a personal trainer can help you with medical issues?

    Many adults today are intimidated to work out or start an exercise program because they have medical issues. Many adults have musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, me and shoulder replacements, back pain and general overall stiffness. Years of overuse or doing exercises that can cause problems in the long run are one of the problems for these issues. Adults need to change their exercise program to acc…Read More