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  1. The importance of strength training in a fitness program.

    Even though the benefits of exercise are very popular in the news media. More and more people are not implementing a structured exercise program into their lifestyle. Pretty much everybody knows the results of exercising and how healthy it is for one. There are hundreds of benefits of exercise. If only people knew how much they can improve on their health if they exercised on a weekly basis? Most …Read More

  2. How scars cause a major disfunction with shoulder movement and pain issues?

    As an at-home personal fitness trainer and bodyworker, I am always asked to work with clients who want to reach their fitness goals. But they often have shoulders issues from either a shoulder replacement, rotator cuff surgery, or past shoulder injury that has not been properly rehabilitated. In my experience, shoulder issues are the most difficult to rehabilitate. We want to provide the client pa…Read More

  3. Acute and Chronic Injuries. Knowing the difference and treatment options.

    Everyone gets injured at one time or another in their career or life. You don't have to be a professional athlete or even participate in athletics to get injured. That being said, injuries happen when we move. Our bodies were made to move. And as we move, we sometimes develop bad movement patterns that lead us to injuries. I'm going to discuss two types of injuries that many people have experience…Read More

  4. Fitness training for people who have neurological disorders.

    As a corrective exercise specialist who specializes in working with people that have neurological disorders. More and more adults are getting diagnosed with neurological disorders at an earlier age.  Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and Alzheimer's disease or just a few of the issues facing adults today. These neurological disorders can cause tremendous problems in the lifestyle and …Read More

  5. Two secret words that are the most important in health and longevity – Muscle and Protein

    Foreign more evidence is pointing the finger towards muscles as the final determination that helps people live longer and more active lifestyles. Muscle is a great dictator of how healthy an adult or an elderly person is. Because it is so hard to maintain muscle mass at a later age. Having an insufficient amount of muscle plays a key role in the longevity of a person. Yes, there are other pre-dete…Read More

  6. The importance of strength training in an exercise program.

    Today with all the different Health issues Americans are facing such as obesity, unaddressed injuries, or improperly rehabilitated surgeries. More and more Americans are noticing that they need to get their health back in check. Besides the Covid lockdown. Americans are still getting fatter and more out of shape than ever. The one good things are that adults are living longer than ever before beca…Read More

  7. At-home personal one on one fitness training is the key to adult fitness

    With all the adversities that life has thrown at us at these uncertain times. More and more adults are realizing the importance of health and fitness. There are many definitions of what health means. Getting checked out by doctors is important. Eating nutritious meals is another one. But the number Factor is exercise. Exercise has hundreds of benefits. In a single exercise session, there are hundr…Read More

  8. The benefits of Personal one on one training at home for adults.

    In these modern times. With all that's going around with viruses, illnesses, and uncertainty. Taking care of your health is very important. As an at-home personal trainer who works with his clients in a Boca Raton and Delray Beach facility of Florida. I'm getting more requests for working with people in their homes, clubhouse facilities, and private gyms. Today many people are busy with their live…Read More

  9. The importance of healthy pain free shoulders in a exercise program.

    More and more people today are looking to get back into shape. People of all ages are realizing the importance of staying healthy and fit. This is a good thing. Many people are joining gyms, fitness centers, private personal training studios, even buying videos and books to learn how to get fit and healthy. As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in getting people to be pain-free and then se…Read More

  10. The importance of a therapy fitness session for adults.

    More and more people are getting involved in fitness these days. Personal fitness training is very popular. Many people hire at-home personal trainers. At home personal trainers make it very convenient for people to train in their homes. Hiring a personal trainer is a great investment. Many people hire trainers to help them meet and exceed their fitness goals. Personal trainers are a great source …Read More