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  1. I would experience fitness trainer can help you with pain

    More and more of the baby boomers today are living with pain. From weekend warriors, ex-professional and college athletes, and even business executives are living with musculoskeletal pain. Many people from their 40s through their 80s are living with tremendous muscular and joint pain. Pain makes people paralyzed. Pain is very crippling and debilitating. Since most people don't know how to reliev…Read More

  2. The importance of breakfast in a weight loss program

    How you start your day and the things you do determines the outcome of your day. The same goes for someone who is trying to lose weight. There are certain rules and protocols that need to be followed for weight loss success. As an at home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. Many of my clients have had great success with their weight loss program I have formulated for them. There …Read More

  3. The importance of eating multiple small meals a day for weight loss.

    As at-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray beach Florida. One of the most important tips I teach my clients is to eat between three and six meals a day when they are on my weight loss program. Many people that want to lose weight don't eat often enough. They miss their meals. Then the sugar levels drop. They get very hungry and jittery. Then they make bad food choices and eat foods that…Read More

  4. How a personal trainer can help you with your back issues?

    As an in-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. I get requests for many clients that want to start new exercise programs. many of these clients have previous injuries such as lower weak backs. Many of my clients come to me for different fitness goals. Such as weight loss, strengthening and endurance. as I assess them I find many weak points. Such as weak and unstable lower bac…Read More

  5. Hiring an experienced personal trainer for orthopedic issues.

    In my at home personal training business in Boca Raton Florida. Many people want to lose weight or get fit. But there's also many adults who have medical issues that need to be addressed in the long run. Today more and more people have problems with their shoulders, backs, and knees. In fact there's many adults that have need transplants and shoulder transplants. After these people have received …Read More

  6. Nutrition tips for a weight loss program

    As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss. I come across many of my clients that are confused and not properly educated on the fundamentals of weight loss. Weight loss does not have to be rocket science. Many people make it more complicated that it is. Always searching for new tricks to take their weight off faster and easier. The truth is it's a very simple process. It's not e…Read More

  7. The benefits of hiring a personal trainer for weight loss

    There are many reasons why people hire personal trainers. One of the major reasons is weight loss. Hiring a personal fitness trainer to work with you and help you with a weight loss program. Is one of the most important things I client can do. An experienced personal trainer can help a client set up a workout according to their goals. Along with a healthy lifestyle nutrition program to lose body …Read More

  8. The benefits of weight loss for men.

    There are many benefits for weight loss for men. Overweight men are risking their health by carry excess body fat. Excess body fat has tremendous side effects to our bodies. Rather than continue carrying excess body fat. It is medically advisable to lose body fat by exercise and changes to a healthy lifestyle. men that have very busy lifestyles with work can hire a in-home personal trainer. Hiri.…Read More

  9. The benefits of at-home fitness training for weight loss Program.

    Many people today struggle with weight loss. They hire a fitness trainer and still no results. They go on a diet and still they don't see the results. Many give up and blame the professional or nutrition program. One of the problems is that maybe they have not found the right eating program? Maybe it's some commercial advertisement that doesn't work long-term. Lifestyle changes are best for that. …Read More

  10. How can a personal fitness trainer help you with a weight loss program?

    As an at-home personal trainer who trains my in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Florida area. I have many requests from clients weight loss. Setting up a client on a weight loss program is a very challenging and rewarding task. First the client has to be open for change. This change comes from many different factors. Openness to change their eating habits. The willingness to try different foods and rec…Read More