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  1. Why hire a Five Way Fitness trainer to help you with your Weight Loss and Workouts?

      Many adults today get frustrated and stop exercising because they don’t see results. Many today take the action to lose weight and get fit. Only to stop their exercise and nutrition program. One reason they stop is that they get discouraged by not seeing enough progress in their efforts. One way to keep a person that exercises to continue is having them make progress in their goals. This can …Read More

  2. Start today on your weight loss Journey towards greatness in your LIFE.

    More and more Americans are obese today. Obesity is defined as a (BMI) Body Mass Index of over 30%. Most diseases are usually complications from being overweight. Being overweight puts tremendous stress on hour bodies and organs. People are gaining more and more weight. Many make bad lifestyle choices. Because of a fast-paced society with work, family, and activities. Many people don't take the ti…Read More

  3. How a five Way fitness trainer can help you lose body fat and get you healthy and fit?

       One of the most common reasons why an adult hires a personal trainer is for weight loss. Many Americans are overweight due to improper nutrition and lack of exercise. People are busy with life and life’s problems. Life is unpredictable. We all have family, business, and friends who need help. We can be distracted by our own needs. We fall off course in our eating habits making poor chooses.…Read More

  4. The secret is Therapy Fitness for long term fitness progress.

    More and more people are being active at a later stage in their lives. This is very encouraging news to hear. It can inspire more and more to start an exercise program at any age, This is a good choice. Exercise is the foundation of health for many. Getting started is the first step. One major obstacle to overcome is that as we age, our bodies move incorrectly. Unbalanced bodies lead to postural p…Read More

  5. The Simple keys to weight loss success!

    Exercise is a very powerful tool that can help for people who want to lose fat. As a personal trainer who specializes with  helping people lose weight and get back into shape. Weight loss can be very tricky and puzzling for people who are  trying to win at the losing game. Weight loss sounds simple such as restricting your calories and doing some form of exercise. That really isn't easy as it so…Read More

  6. The KEY to Pain Free Movement

    The number one reason why people get hurt in an exercise program is a poor foundation. Many people start an exercise program improperly. They just start going to gym. Warm up as best they know how. Then start exercising what they have learned from the past. This is very dangerous. Also very little results can be obtained by doing this type of program. This leads to injuries, lack of motivation, an…Read More

  7. Modern Physical Therapy session included in your Five Way Fitness Workout.

    As a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I get many requests from people in their 50's and 60's who want to get back into working out and moving more. In my first assessment with them about their goals and needs. I notice that they not aware of how bad they are at moving. Many people don't realize that their basic movement patterns are distorted. Just simple daily activities are performed incorrectly …Read More

  8. Hiring a personal trainer that can relate to your age and fitness Goals.

      The demand of personal  fitness trainers working with baby boomers in their 50’s and 60’s is on the rise. More and more adults are looking for assistance for personal trainers to help them get back into an active lifestyle. The age group has many issues to over come. Injuries, weight gain and faulty  movement patterns.   As a personal trainer in my 60’s. I come across many people my ag…Read More

  9. The benefits of a five way fitness personal fitness trainer.

      As a personal fitness trainer in the Boca Raton Area of Florida. I am very honored and privileged to have such a variety of clients. As an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes fitness and physical rehabilitation. My company five way fitness helps many people that need to get in shape but I have medical issues with their bodies.   These are some issue that we specialize in. Joint re…Read More

  10. The importance of are thorough assessment before beginning a fitness program

    I have been been in the fitness training business for over 30 years. Many concepts and theories have changed over the years. Most for the better. I would like to discuss the importance of a client being assessed for muscle balance and previous injuries issues. This is very important for the  client because it will help with the client being able to more better. Also helping the client be free of …Read More