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  1. The importance of strength for Adults.

    As a personal trainer who specializes in training adults at home or in a private setting. I would like to point out the importance to incorporate strength training in an exercise program. As adult as in their 30, 40, and beyond. They lose 10% of the total mass muscle every decade. The best way to prevent muscle wasting is strength training. Strength training can help adults preserve and maintain t…Read More

  2. How to successfully train an adult for fitness success.

    As an at home personal fitness trainer that specializes in getting adults healthy and fit. I am always challenged to help certain adults that have issues with pain and movement get fit. Fortunately, I specialize in helping adults rehabilitate their injuries, move without any pain, and successfully and safely get back and reach their fitness goals.More and more adults are reaching out to personal f…Read More

  3. Part 2 What makes a complete exercise program for people with Parkinson’s Disease?

    Exercise is very important for patients with Parkinson's Disease. The problem is that people who have PD (Parkinson's Disease) need special attention. With PD, the neurological system isn't functioning properly. Movement patterns are often very uncoordinated and rigid, and this is only one of the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. The medical community has put most of its research into pharmacology …Read More

  4. Part 1 What makes a complete exercise program for people with Parkinson’s Disease?

    There are over one million people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the United States. Every year about 60,000 new people are diagnosed. This neurological disease usually affects people age 60 or older. Once a person is diagnosed with Parkinson's, life changes. There are five different stages of PD (Parkinson's Disease). Stage 1 - Mild symptoms that generally don't interfere with daily activit…Read More

  5. Moving pain-free in your daily life and exercise program

      As a corrective exercise specialist, I am trained to visually access how people move. Whenever I am at the mall, restaurant, or walking the street, I notice how people move. I notice more and more people of all ages exhibiting trouble moving properly. This includes walking, how they seat themselves, and their mechanics while eating, drinking, or doing other ordinary daily activities. Observing…Read More

  6. Training Pain free while making progress in your fitness program.

    As an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes in corrective exercise and performance, I come across many people who have pain, especially when they move or try to exercise. This is a very common problem today, because many people have trouble finding someone who can rehabilitate and rebalance the body. Today’s physical therapy centers are outdated and have poor success rates. Physical t…Read More

  7. Why NKT is important in an exercise fitness program?

    More and more people are interested in getting fit. We all know the high statistics of Americans that are out of shape and overweight. Many adults are hiring personal trainers to help them reach their fitness goals. Fitness trainers are a valuable asset to someone who does not know where to start in an exercise program.  Even in special situations where fit adults try to improve towards their fit…Read More

  8. How a Five Way Fitness trainer can help keep adults at any age stay strong and active.

    Many adults start to lose their mobility and strength as they age. Many consider this a natural part of the aging process. It is not. The problem lies in how we take care of our bodies and health. There is a part of the population that maintains its strength (muscle mass) and mobility at a later age. But unless we have a fitness program that incorporates strength training and other exercises speci…Read More

  9. Strength is the key component to adult fitness and injury prevention.

    As a corrective exercise specialist and Neuro Kinetic Therapist, many of my clients are adults who have problems with stability, strength, balance and weight issues. As people reach their 40's, 50's, and 60's, they often become interested in taking care of their health through wellness. Hiring a five-way fitness trainer can help clients get back to having strength, mobility, and energy. Personal f…Read More

  10. Why hire a Five Way Fitness trainer to help you with your Weight Loss and Workouts?

      Many adults today get frustrated and stop exercising because they don’t see results. Many today take the action to lose weight and get fit. Only to stop their exercise and nutrition program. One reason they stop is that they get discouraged by not seeing enough progress in their efforts. One way to keep a person that exercises to continue is having them make progress in their goals. This can …Read More