As a personal fitness trainer, I come across many people that asked me advice on how to program their workouts. This is a very complicated question that cannot be answered in one conversation. There are many factors to contribute to find the answer. First the client has to be assessed to find what they need in terms of rehabilitating their body and getting it to a point where they could exercise aggressively to get results and make progress. All individuals over the age of 30 usually have some kind of imbalance or issue with their bodies. Next is what the goals are. Last is a finding exercise’s that they are comfortable with and have confidence in performing. There are more answers but these are enough for now.

Even in weigth loss, the Body adapts to the certain nutrition program. That’s why as a weight-loss specialist and personal trainer I’m always alternating the food groups, meal plans and the daily times the client needs to eat.  This way  the clients body gets tricked and the client has great success with their weight loss.

In my private studio, in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I work with individuals privately. I usually design a workout for a client to perform for two-three weeks. Every two-three weeks we alter about a third of the exercises. But we have a base of exercises that we always perform. Personal trainers have to be very aware that the clients can get bored or stale by doing the same exercises. And it’s really too late if the client complaints about it. Because they would have been bored long before and now they’re finally complaining. So it’s a good strategy to switch up exercises. This will keep them fresh and making progress. And also give them new motivation.

In my private studio, it is a great experience for me to be able to give my clients a variety of workouts. This way they are taking their fitness to a whole new level.

Switching workouts every 2-3 weeks shocks the body in a positive way. The body has to adapt and that’s how the client makes progress progress.

Michael works with his clients one-on-one in his private fitness studio in Cliffside Park.NJ. his specialties are weight loss. strengthening and working on problem areas, flexibility and balance and nutrition. Making people move pain-free and staying active is a key component that Michael practices towards helping his clients. He has a deep interest to motivate his clients into living healthier and happier lives through exercise and nutrition.