Many people today they tried to get fit. They enroll in boot camp or group training classes. Boot Camp classes are very popular because they are done in a military style. Period meaning that they are very aggressive, no rest periods and the strongest survive. Meaning if you’re an average fitness level or beginner. You must continue the class and keep up with the more advanced level attendees. Group training is a softer style of training. It is primarily done with a group of people from six and up that go through a fitness program where they advance from one exercise to another, in a controlled fashion.

Both of the style of fitness classes evolved from the marketing of fitness professionals. Since one-on-one can only bring in a certain amount of money per hour per client. Fitness professionals and entrepreneurs decided to offer classes. That way defeat is reduced dramatically. But per hour there are more attendees meaning a much more higher income level.

As for me being a personal trainer. I have my private studio in Cliffside Park New Jersey. Where I train my clients privately one-on-one. I believe in giving full attention and making sure that the client does all the exercises properly. Meaning perfect technique, going at a certain pace, that’s comfortable and also result producing at the same time. Also making sure that the client doesn’t get injured or ever loses interest because the exercises are always being switched around. Also working on rehabilitating the client’s personal issues with their bodies. As people reach higher and higher fitness levels. Their bodies must be fine-tuned and aligned properly through rehabilitation and balancing exercises.

My practice is is true to my profession. It’s just not about numbers. Many people that are trying to lose weight engage in these classes. The classes are very aggressive. As a weight-loss specialist, I can tell you that this is not the answer for weight loss. Pushing someone that is overweight in an aggressive manner. Can only lead to bigger problems down the road.

In the Boot Camp class, these classes are not structured for the normal individual. But in most cases average people take these classes. As a fitness trainer, I run into all the time many people who have experienced a boot camp and have come out nothing but injuries. This concerned me. It is actually fitness professionals trying to just make more revenue rather than giving quality level fitness. They are more interested in numbers.

What I recommend is that even if you do go into a class. That you take 10 to 20 sessions with a personal fitness trainer that can give you a solid foundation. This way you’ll be able to withstand the vigorous aggressive boot camp workouts.