As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss programs and getting my clients to be pain-free, I have the daily challenge of trying to figure out and design a program for them that is very efficient and smooth. Efficient is understandable, meaning all the exercises are done according to the client’s needs. Smooth means the tempo of the workout. The challenge is to give the client enough rest between sets so they can recover just enough to get the next set. This is very important for clients who are trying to lose weight and become pain-free at the same time. The intensity has to be just right in the fitness program.

Usually, clients that need weight loss are deconditioned. They need to slowly increase their endurance, muscular strength and overall body stability. This type of fitness program is done very safely with careful attention paid to the detail of the exercise techniques and tempos. Another issue with my clients is that there are adults that have not stayed with an exercise program for long. They need to be treated more carefully than younger clients.

Success is Possible

An example of this is one of my in-home clients in Boca Raton, Florida. She has had many issues with her lower back and knees. I have set her up on the physical rehabilitation program that targets her lower back and her knees. In just a few workouts, she became pain-free. She was able to do all the regular movements like squatting, lunging and step ups off a modified bench. This gave her confidence to keep pursuing her fitness goals. In just four weeks, she has lost 6 pounds and her motivation has improved tremendously through every workout.

The key point I want to stress in this post is you need to take your time with the exercises. Properly position your clients and direct them towards doing the movement more efficiently and productively rather than rushing them to increase the intensity throughout the fitness program.