Personal training has come along way. More and more people are hiring personal trainers to help them with their fitness needs. It is very important that anyone wants to accomplish anything in life. That they seek help from an expert. In this topic I’m going to talk about how to be successful and reach your goals with that personal fitness trainer.

As a personal fitness trainer that does at home clients at the Boca Raton, Delray Beach Area Florida. I have great success when training my clients because I add a physical therapy component to the personal training session. As a personal trainer gets client. It is very important but rarely done that there is a complete evaluation and assessment. This meaning that the client in the trainer should go over old the injuries past and present. Any kind of procedures such as operations, joint replacements or any issues no matter how minor. The next step is to take him through the various amounts of movements that really dictate on How the client is moving. I followed a few assessments such as the national Academy of sports medicine assessment. I also do some minor neural kinetic testing to find out as much information I’m how the muscles are responding.

Whenever I get a new client. The first thing I look for is the injuries or in proper movement patterns the client has. Next what I do is I set up the program that enables the client to rehabilitate their problem areas. The next is is I make sure it does not imbalances in the way they move. This means the way day lung, squat, hinge or move in various directions has to be corrected not only by technique, but having them worked on the muscles that are creating the bad technique.

There are many forms of physical therapy. People look at physical therapy is something that in-juried do in those big box centers. All those boring rubber band exercises or very mild movements. This is not the case. Physical therapy can be very result aggressive in a positive manner and result.producing. Getting the client to move pain-free and rehabilitating those injuries. Also having the client become stronger, move easier and generate more power in whatever goals they have. And this can be accomplished at any age.

As a five way fitness personal trainer. I practice the various modalities to help me incorporate different Systems to help my client reach their goals. Helping your client become pain-free while they exercise is one of the guarantees they’ll reach their fitness goals whatever they are.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT CES,CNS

Specializing in Parkinson’s disease, MS, ALS and other kinds of neurological disorders along with improving adults’s strength, balance at mobility.