at home fitness assessmentStaying fit in this modern world can be challenging. More and more adults are realizing that they are lacking in their fitness levels. Today with the Covid epidemic and other challenging times. More and more adults are falling behind with their health. One thing the Covid pandemic has taught us that many adults are lacking various forms of health. along with high body fat, lots of strength and muscle loss, movement patterns issues, and just the general state of well-being. This can all be changed with a solid exercise program.

As an at-home personal fitness trainer and a correction of an exercise specialist. My work is primarily going to people’s homes, apartment buildings, or housing communities and working with them privately. One-on-one personal fitness training has tremendous advantages such as personalized attention, in a clean environment such as your home, and it is less time-consuming because we travel to you. Fitness success does not have to be complicated. It just takes an hour two times a week to work the whole body with movements that are specifically designed for you and your individual needs. Here are some benefits of my exercise programs done at home. You can reach your level of fitness that will help you live your life active and free of most health issues.

  1. Personal training at home is very convenient for the client. There’s no traveling. This is a huge timesaver for someone that is busy with a heavy work schedule or family commitment.
  2. What a qualified and experienced correct of an exercise specialist. They can design a program that not only can help you with movement issues or pain such as joint replacements or arthritis issues. They could work along those perimeters and get you also and great fitness shape.
  3. Working one on one on one personal trainer takes the guesswork I want you to have to do. Because of their experience they can cut through all the nonsense that a beginner needs to learn and get you through the correct exercise program more efficiently.
  4. People that have problems with surgeries, injuries, and special weaknesses throughout their body. An experienced personal trainer can help set up a program for personalized needs.
  5. One of the advantages of having a personal trainer. Many specialize in adults with injuries and limitations. These issues can be rehabilitated.
  6. There are many modern protocols that can help adults move better and rehabilitate past injuries. One of them is called Neurokinetic therapy.
  7. Many adults have old injuries that have never been rehabilitated. Having an experienced personal trainer who specialized in physical rehabilitation, massage, and NKT can help the client exercise pain-free and make better progress.
  8. Nutritional guidance and support are very important. Clients always need advice and guidance at times to help them reach their goals.

Michael Metchikian, NASM, CPT, CES, NKT Level 3

Michael practices many different kinds of protocols to help people become fit and pain-free. He works around the Broward County and Palm Beach County areas of Florida. Private studio available and at-home therapy and fitness.