Question 1.

   I have been having back pain for quite a while. It comes and goes. Sometimes it really hurts and other times it’s a mild stiffness. It prevents me to be active and gets in the way of my activities and hobbies. What can be the problem?

Answer.  Many people have back problem issues that prevent them from enjoying their active lifestyles. One problem that many back specialists overlook is our breathing patterns. We breathe over 22,000 per day. When out breathing becomes dysfunctional.  Our core muscles are affected ( Transverse Abdominis, Psoas, Gluteus Maximus, Quadratus Lumbrorum, and Multifidus Muscles). When these muscles are not working ( facilitated) because we are not breathing probably. They put tremendous stress across our lower backs and hips. Learning how to breathe and making sure these muscles are working, synergistically. Can be your recipe for a pain-free back forever.

Question 2.

   I have been having foot problems for a while. When I stand for a while or walk. I feel pain across the arch of my foot. Sometimes the pain comes across my ankle inside and out. What is causing these pain issues?

   Answer.  Our feet are in constant contact with the ground, Because of the impact of movement and locomotion (walking). Our feet try to create stability during movement. When we lack stability our neck muscles and core muscles become overworked. Our feet have to do more. Learning how to balance out the core and neck muscles to work together when we move in our activities will take off the stress of our feet overworking. Overworked muscles lead to painful muscles. Getting help from a correct exercise specialist to teach you how to walk using your whole body can help you minimize and eliminate foot pain. This is an easy fix with a knowledgeable movement specialist.

These 2 separate questions are actually related. Our feet have a lot to do with how we move. If our feet are not stable. We have to use other muscles to create stability. This is where some need NeuroKinetic Therapy. NKT can help locate what muscle dysfunctions our bodies are creating. By testing certain muscles, ligaments, and movement patterns. The therapist can find relationships and perform certain releases and activations to help correct the movement. Helping the client become pain-free and able to move correctly.

Our muscles work together. Helping us with lococmation. Pain-free movement can help with being able to exercise, play sports, and perform certain tasks more efficiently.

Michael Metchikian is an at-home personal trainer, He also has a private studio available if need. He is a corrective exercise and sports performance specialist. He is a Level 3 NeuroKinetic Therapist, Scar release therapist. Postural restoration technique practitioner and lymphatic drainage protocols. He is located in Palm Beach( Delray Beach) and Broward (Pompano Beach) counties in Florida.

He can be reached at 561-400-7127