During the day. I feel tired, lethargic, and find it hard to concentrate. How can I get some instant energy and feel better fast?

Many people have problems with a lack of energy throughout the day. There are many reasons why this can happen. Believe it or not? We have problems with improper breathing Mechanics. Most people are mouth breathers. It’s best when we are trained to breathe properly through our noses.

Here are some examples of the benefits of learning how to breathe properly.

  1. Instant increase in energy increase because of more oxygen in our lungs which circulates throughout our bloodstream
  2. Breathing through our nose provides 20% more oxygen in our bloodstream at any given time.
  3. Breathing through the nose removes a significant share of germs, irritants, and bacteria regularly when you inhale and exhale through your nose.
  4. Breathing through your mouth can dry your mouth. Which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  5. Nose breathing warms the air by 40 degrees. Which can help in cold climates.
  6. Breathing slowly through your nose can help you relax. Making it easier to fall asleep at night.
  7. Not getting enough oxygen in your system can tighten cervical muscles Causing headaches and migraines.

Learning how to breathe properly takes practice and patience. If you would like to learn how to breathe properly. Please contact me. I have very simple and effective breathing programs. It takes 3-12 minutes a few times a day. The positive changes are felt immediately and they last. Breathing is the key to LIFE.

What can I do to start a safe exercise program?

There are many exercises to help you maintain an active lifestyle. Walking is one of them. Yes, you heard it before. There is only one problem with walking. Most walkers have improper walking mechanics.  Most people do not move properly for starters. When they try to walk to get some exercise and stress relief? They are moving improperly which causes more harm than good. Walking is a great activity that everyone could do. Here a few key points one needs to learn for proper walking.

  1. Proper walking mechanics such as Gait ( arm and legs swing).
  2. Breathing properly is very important when we are moving.
  3. How your feet are hitting the surface? Improper heal strike is a major cause of foot and back pain in walking.
  4. Head position. Keep your head in a neutral position helps with better overall movement.
  5. Walking with total awareness ( whole-body).
  6. Knowing how to gradually increase or decrease the walking distance.
  7. Wearing proper shoes or sneakers.
  8. Making sure you’re nutritionally fed for your walk.
  9. Keep a safe pace during the walk!
  10. Knowing when not to walk or take a day off!

Michael Metchikian is an at-home personal trainer, He also has a private studio available if need. He is a corrective exercise and sports performance specialist. He is a Level 3 NeuroKinetic Therapist, Scar release therapist. Postural restoration technique practitioner and lymphatic drainage protocols. He is located in Palm Beach( Delray Beach) and Broward (Pompano Beach) counties in Florida.

He can be reached at 561-400-7127