1. How scars cause a major disfunction with shoulder movement and pain issues?

    As an at-home personal fitness trainer and bodyworker, I am always asked to work with clients who want to reach their fitness goals. But they often have shoulders issues from either a shoulder replacement, rotator cuff surgery, or past shoulder injury that has not been properly rehabilitated. In my experience, shoulder issues are the most difficult to rehabilitate. We want to provide the client pa…Read More

  2. Acute and Chronic Injuries. Knowing the difference and treatment options.

    Everyone gets injured at one time or another in their career or life. You don't have to be a professional athlete or even participate in athletics to get injured. That being said, injuries happen when we move. Our bodies were made to move. And as we move, we sometimes develop bad movement patterns that lead us to injuries. I'm going to discuss two types of injuries that many people have experience…Read More