1. Two questions about the feet and back issues resolved.

      Question 1.    I have been having back pain for quite a while. It comes and goes. Sometimes it really hurts and other times it’s a mild stiffness. It prevents me to be active and gets in the way of my activities and hobbies. What can be the problem? Answer.  Many people have back problem issues that prevent them from enjoying their active lifestyles. One problem that many back specialists …Read More

  2. Learning how to breath and walk correctly!

    During the day. I feel tired, lethargic, and find it hard to concentrate. How can I get some instant energy and feel better fast? Many people have problems with a lack of energy throughout the day. There are many reasons why this can happen. Believe it or not? We have problems with improper breathing Mechanics. Most people are mouth breathers. It’s best when we are trained to breathe properly th…Read More

  3. The importance and value of a personal fitness trainer.

    Many people hire a personal trainer to help them reach their fitness goals. As an at-home personal trainer that helps people reach their fitness goals in the privacy of their homes or community gyms. I am highly aware of the value of an experienced and highly knowledgeable personal trainer. There are many reasons why someone would hire a personal trainer. Here are a few. Making sure that you are p…Read More