1. The importance of are thorough assessment before beginning a fitness program

    I have been been in the fitness training business for over 30 years. Many concepts and theories have changed over the years. Most for the better. I would like to discuss the importance of a client being assessed for muscle balance and previous injuries issues. This is very important for the  client because it will help with the client being able to more better. Also helping the client be free of …Read More

  2. Being able to move pain free while exercising and in life.

    I   It is very important to be able to move pain-free. A large portion of the American population has trouble moving correctly. Not only in our daily lives. Also when we are exercising and trying to become healthy can fit.   As a personal fitness trainer works privately with clients in the Boca Raton Area of Florida. When I started assess and work with a new client. It is very rare that http://B…Read More