1. The importance of hiring a qualified personal trainer.

    Today many people are hiring personal trainers to help them with the fitness or physical therapy programs. There is tremendous interesting seeking a personal trainers to help them accomplish the goals. One of the problems is the clients never ask for any qualifications, certifications, insurance or even referrals of past or present clients. This enables many unqualified personal trainers to get hi…Read More

  2. How functional training can help with people who have Parkinson’s and other Neurological disorders?

      Today morning more people I'm getting diagnosed with neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. Also another fact is people are getting diagnosed in a much younger age. Even though the scientific community is that a struggle trying to find a cure or prevention for these problems. One thing is for sure. People must take control their lives. Doing the best th…Read More

  3. The importance of properly functioning muscles for people who have Parkinson’s disease or other neurological disorders.

      As a personal fitness trainer. Whose practice is at home fitness training. In the Boca Raton Delray Beach area of Florida. I am always improving my skills as a personal fitness trainer. This way my passion for helping people improve the quality of life by becoming pain-free and staying active. One of the disciplines I'm studying is called NKT. Neural  kinetic therapy is a practice which I'm st…Read More