1. A complete workout session should have a rehabilitation components to it.

    Personal training has come along way. More and more people are hiring personal trainers to help them with their fitness needs. It is very important that anyone wants to accomplish anything in life. That they seek help from an expert. In this topic I'm going to talk about how to be successful and reach your goals with that personal fitness trainer. As a personal fitness trainer that does at home cl…Read More

  2. The importance of releasing the Diaphragm

    Today more and more adults have issues with their diaphragms. Our diaphragm's Are responsible with many processes such as movement and proper breathing. Whenever there's a dysfunction in the diaphragm. It can effect our lower backs and improper movement throughout her whole body. This dysfunction can especially effect people with neurological disorders. Such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's dise…Read More

  3. How five way fitness personal trainer can help people with Parkinson’s?

    Today more and more adults today are being diagnosed with neurological disorders. Even at a very early age. The doctors send these patients to physical therapy centers. These physical therapy centers are not educated enough to provide the special help needed for a Parkinson's patient needs. Basically they give them simple exercises. That's don't address the issues of the Parkinson's patient.   As…Read More