1. In a personal training fitness session physical therapy and strength training should be incorporated in the same workout.

    As an at-home personal trainer that works what his clients in the Boca Raton Florida area. My clients are mostly Made up of adults From 40years old and up. Most adult have past injuries that have not been rehabilitated. Also as we age we develop overuse injuries and imbalances. It is very important for a client to hire a knowledgeable personal fitness trainer who is experienced in assessing the cl…Read More

  2. How a Five Way Fitness personal trainer can help you exercise while being injured.

    As a at home personal fitness trainer who works with his clients in the Boca Raton, Florida. I am always getting requests from clients who need to increase their fitness level or have a fitness goal. These adults are motivated to start a exercise program but they have past injuries that need to be addressed. They have gone to other trainers for help. The problem was that the trainers were not expe…Read More

  3. The importance of hiring a five way fitness personal trainer keeping the client pain free and physically active.

    As an at-home personal trainer who specializes with adults who have pain movement issues in the Boca Raton Florida area. I have many requests from adults want to start an exercise program that has joint problems, muscle-skeletal pain and past injuries to their body. I specialize in rehabilitation of joint replacements, frozen shoulders, lower back issues and various other medical disabilities. It …Read More