1. Variety is the key to fitness success when it comes to one-on-one personal training.

    As a in-home personal trainer in Boca and Delray area. One of the fun things I get to do with my clients to take them to another level. Is constantly alter their workouts so they don't get use to the exercises and format. One of the advantages of being a in-home personal fitness trainer Is that you could spend private time with your client and get to know not only what they're thinking? Also how t…Read More

  2. Personal fitness training workouts differ for men and women

    Men and women need to be trained differently in one-on-one personal training sessions. As for group classes. I do not believe in them because there's no personalization. There's a greater chance for injury and developing problems such as body imbalances and bad habits that would be hard to overcome. Personal one-on-one training is a true way to work on a goal privately what a personal fitness trai…Read More

  3. Delivering exceptional customer service is the key to personal training success.

    Delivering five-star customer service experience is the key for an in-home personal trainer to build his success on. As a in-home personal trainer in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. I'm always trying to improve my business by helping my clients reach their fitness goals. I hear all the time personal fitness trainers talking about their skills such as knowledge, experience, and success in the…Read More