1. Giving the client homework between sessions.

    As a personal trainer in Boca Raton Florida, where I train my clients in their homes or apartments, I come across some very motivated clients who ask me to give them some homework where they could do extra exercises and rehabilitation work on their off days. This makes me feel really great to know that my clients are willing to go the extra mile about their fitness program. What most personal tra…Read More

  2. Healthy feet for accelerated fitness goals

    As a personal fitness trainer and exercise movement specialist, one of the first areas of the body I look at is the feet. The feet are very important in the movement of a client. I assess the feet by just having the client stand in front of you with their shoes and socks off.  A skilled personal trainer can tell a lot about a client by doing this. A trainer can assess many problems, such as postu…Read More

  3. The importance of a personal trainer teaching movement and exercise program.

    As an in-home personal trainer who works with his clients in their homes, apartment complexes, and the gyms of their choice, I have the advantage of having to hold the attention of the client as they perform a movement. Personal trainers' responsibilities are to give clients exercises that will help them with their fitness goals. In any fitness program, the personal trainer should pay very close…Read More

  4. The importance of a personal trainer being focused during a session with their clients.

    As an in-home personal trainer in the Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida area, whenever I go to apartments where there are a few trainers training their clients, I often notice how they are not focused on their client's workouts. These personal trainers are distracted by the surroundings. Also, I notice they fraternize and talk amongst themselves. This is actually ignoring the client's needs and…Read More

  5. How many times a week should a client to train with a personal trainer?

    As a personal trainer, whenever I get a new client that is looking forward to starting a fitness program with me. I get asked often how many times do I recommend them working out per week with me. As a in-home personal trainer. This question can only be answered by assessing the client and getting to know a little more about their bodies and workout history. Many times new clients come to me very …Read More

  6. How a personal trainer can salvage and still make progress with the client when they are having a bad work out

    As a in-home personal trainer in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida area. It is not unusual to get a client who is not having a good day with their fitness program. I can usually notice this by the time they warm up. Either they are not fed right, rested or their body is not responding correctly for that day. It is important for trainer to notice while they are performing the client's fitnes…Read More

  7. Making sure the client is always the priority of the workout session.

    As a personal trainer and the Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida area. I'm always mindful to make sure that each and every session. That my client always getting the best that I have out of me in regards to fitness program. What I have noticed by studying many personal trainers is that they get comfortable with their client and they don't push them or give them enough of a personal training expe…Read More