1. The importance of stretching and exercise program.

    There is a big debate in the Personal Trainer community. And one of the biggest questions asked is if stretching is necessary. I would like to give my take in a few examples on this hot topic. In the early years of exercise or even sports. Stretching was part of a warm-up or a cool down. It was a way to prepare for an athletic event or training session. As more and more research was done on stretc…Read More

  2. Top five recommendations a personal trainer should make to a client before they work out.

    Drinking enough water before your workout. Many times I come across my clients forgetting to drink water during the day or especially before workout. Water is a very important component in an exercise program. We need water for every process that take place in our bodies. Mostly important in the fitness program, it is important to be properly hydrated before you partake in a fitness program. The b…Read More

  3. How to tell if your personal trainer is right for you.

    There are many components and dynamics that make up the  the business and professional relationship between a client and the personal trainer. As a personal trainer who has been training clients for over 25 years. I have a come across a few key points that are very important for client to consider when hiring a personal trainer.  My business is mainly going and homes to my clients. Most of my bu…Read More

  4. Commit to your fitness goals with a personal trainer

    Using a personal trainer is the secret piece to the puzzle to fitness success. As at home personal trainer who specializes in weight loss. Hiring a professional make the difference in achieving one's fitness goals. A personal trainer works with a client to establish and reach their fitness goals.Personal trainers are educated on how to take a reconditioned clients and have them reach their goals s…Read More

  5. The value in a personal trainer that specializes in adults fitness issues.

    As a personal trainer that specializes in adults or the elderly. I am always trying to better my skills  to help my clients lead active and pain free lifestyles. One example, I can offer is Judy from Boca Raton, Florida. She had issues with mobility and lower body strength. Her attitude to improve was very inspirational to me. After I assessed her. I found out her hips were very tight. She had a …Read More