1. We are all different therefore we all need workouts designed towards our special needs and goals

    As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private studio. I am always approached with people coming to me to improve their fitness. Even though their goals might be to lose weight, become pain-free in a certain area, or improve their health. A fitness professional  has to take the account that everybody is different and has special needs. In my private studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I a…Read More

  2. The price to pay to take fitness classes or boot camps

    As a personal fitness trainer in the weight-loss specialist. I am always looking to improve myself in regards to my education and experience. My businesses training people one-on-one. Giving them personalized attention. Making sure did to all the exercises correctly. Working on balancing their bodies so that they are injury free and pain-free through movement. Always mixing up the program to keep …Read More

  3. Don’t sink the ship nutritionally during the holiday seasons.

    As a at personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist. I get it people should be practicing a healthy lifestyle. I also get it there are special occasions when we all have to celebrate with family and friends over food. Food is a very poor and element in keeping families together during holiday seasons and special occasions. All different cultures have special  traditions on how to prepar…Read More

  4. Invite a personal trainer to your workout.

    As  at home personal fitness trainer and weight-loss specialist. I just finished a workout with one of my clients in their apartment gym in Edgewater, New Jersey. I had a few minutes to talk to my client and  give them some insights on how I feel with the progress we have made. I told her how proud I was that she accepted the challenge of starting a healthy lifestyle to lose some weight and chan…Read More

  5. How fitness can change your life in positive ways.

    As a  personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside, Park New Jersey. As I train my clients to reach their fitness goals. I see so many examples of how fitness can change one's life in so many positive ways. This is just more than looking aesthetically good. Fitness is even more than feeling good and being healthy. Here are some of the examples of how fitness can…Read More

  6. Including physical rehabilitation in a fitness program

    As a personal fitness trainer and  owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I am always confronted by clients that had had injuries in the past. Their main complaint is that the injury that had years or months ago is still lingering. Time to time we are going to have issues with our bodies. Shoulders are going to get strained. We're going to have our lower backs being pull…Read More

  7. The importance of arm training for women.

    As a personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private  fitness studio in Cliffside, Park New Jersey. I'm always confronted with the questions about on training. In the male population. Most men want to work arms because is it a sign of strength and masculinity. I have no issues with men wanting to do on work such as curls and triceps extensions. On the other hand females tend to shy away and h…Read More

  8. Workouts designed for women’s issues

    As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Many of my women clients have issues with certain areas that they would like to work on such as their hips, Gluteal muscles, abdominal and arms. these areas are the most requested  by women. In my private fitness studio, I get the challenge to work on these areas so that my clients get results in th…Read More

  9. The importance of a post exercise meal.

    As a personal fitness trainer and weight-loss specialist. Many of my clients always asking me what they should eat after they work out. Nutrition is a very important component. When involved in an exercise program that is strenuous. It is very important to be nutritionally fed at all times. Proper feeding will enable  our muscles to repair quicker, recover quicker and also keep us healthy along t…Read More

  10. The importance of a fitness evaluation before beginning an exercise program.

      In the personal fitness training industry, It is very important to make sure that the client is in good health. This way if they have any issues the personal fitness trainer is alerted and can work with or around those health issues. As  a at home personal trainer and fitness specialist. I recommend that all my clients get a routine checkup to make sure their basic health is in order. A fa…Read More