1. Make fitness part of your life.

    As a personal trainer and a fitness expert. I'm very passionate about spreading the word of health and fitness to those who welcome my advice. There is nothing more important than our health. We hear this over and over. But many of us do not understand it or practice it. Educating ourselves about learning what our bodies do and how they function is very important in long-term health. As we embrace…Read More

  2. How exercise can improve your mental health and emotional stability.

    As a personal fitness trainer. Many of my clients that come to my private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey Are very interested in not only getting in shape but also reducing stress in their lives by exercise. Personal trainers are educated and certified to help people get pain free, live active lives and also gain confidence in themselves. There is also a main component that is a bypro…Read More

  3. The importance of maintaining a healthy body weight.

    Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important and overall health of an individual. As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park New Jersey. I often come across new clients that do not have a healthy muscle to fat ratio. Another words there overweight. Ideal weight is hard to define. Because we might have different bone structures and also carry our we…Read More