1. Change your body. Change your life.

        Many people view change negatively. There are many positive experiences to be had when one makes change within them. Change can come from getting a better job. Change can come from the way you dress and youth fashion. Change can come from your attitude towards other people. Change can come from the choices you make about how you prepare and choose the food that you eat. For the most …Read More

  2. The importance of a proper warm-up.

    As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio. I would like to address and explain the importance of a proper warm-up. The concept of warming up has changed over the years. Now it's has become a more technical, precise that leads to trainees making better gains and progress safely. As a personal fitness trainer, in my private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I'm …Read More

  3. Simple meals are the easiest to prepare and the healthiest

    As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. There's not a day that goes by that one of my clients questions me on what kind of meals I prepare. Also the question comes up that is too time-consuming to plan meals and prepare them. It's quite the opposite healthy meals take very little time to prepare. For breakfast as an example, it is very ea…Read More

  4. Just do it.

    Like the famous Nike's logo, just do it as simple and easy as a motivational saying can get. As a personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist. This is my favorite motivational saying. I wish more people that  Interested in weight loss could understand the simple meaning of this catchy phrase. Once you reach to the point where you want to change. And accept the fact that you have to chan…Read More

  5. The importance of paying close attention to proper form and technique.

    In my private fitness studio, in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. One of my biggest concerns is to work hard by paying close attention to my client’s form and technique. As I go to other fitness clubs. I notice almost 99% of the time, personal fitness trainers not paying attention to their client’s form and technique. This is one of the true signs that a trainer is not a hard worker. If he were he …Read More