At Fiveway Fitness, we have developed a very thorough assessment protocol which helps us evaluate our clients. By gathering as much information by interviewing the client about their past exercise experience, injuries, and past medical issues. We set up a special assessment consisting of movement patterns, NKT testing, and overall health information,

Assessments and Information 

Our 12 week life-changing body transformation assessments begin with the client body weight be measured. Then we take full measurements and record them. Afterwards we take pictures with the client’s camera of all four angles of their bodies. This way they have the pictures and it’s private only to them. Everything is recorded from their weight, measurements, and pictures.

The next part of the assessment begins with the clients interview on what the goals are? Many clients want the 12 week body transformation program. Which is a weight loss program tailored to their specific goals. We also have a 12 week strength challenge program. They can also do one of the most popular programs we have which is a physical rehabilitation program(pain Free movement) along with a strength training program to complement the whole body.We have many program to choose from. You could even makes an match to your fitness goals. Here’s what we offer:

  1.  12 week weight loss program.
  2.  12 weeks strength challenge program which includes muscular strength and muscular endurance program.
  3. 12 week pain-free( physical rehabilitation) movement and body strength challenge program
  4.  12 week high intensity program( whole body) challenge program.
  5.  12-week balance, flexibility, and endurance program.

After the client chooses one of these programs. We go to the nutritional consultation according to what they chose. Whatever program they choose they will get a five-way fitness Journal. The fitness trainer will record all the measurements, workouts performed, and nutritional menus for the day. This way everything is lectured and recorded. Everything is monitored and formulated for the client. Because every client is different. So must the program. new pet

Finally, there’s a full-body assessment. We go over the client’s injuries. Past and present. We do muscle testing and range of motion to see what muscles need to be worked on. We set up a questionnaire to all go over medications and supplements the client is using and has used. After all the data is recorded and the testing is done. The personal fitness trainer can set up a program designed especially for the client. Every week the client will be measured and weighed. All the records allege are in the client’s five weight fitness Journal.

Next, we will get to know your nutritional habits: what you eat, what you don’t eat, what you may be allergic to, how much time you have to dedicate to and how much control you have over your diet. This intimate knowledge of your diet is what helps us form a new nutrition plan which targets unique areas you’ve been missing while still allowing for your tastes and preferences.

With this program comes a thorough weight accountability where you will journal your food intake and we can talk about your progress and your struggles. We even send daily texts to keep you accountable!

Call now for information on our current special offers for this program! We are proud to offer a fitness program Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton will be excited to try!

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