Fiveway Fitness is an At Home personal training practice of Michael Metchikian, a former world-class weight lifter, bodybuilder, and certified personal trainer. Michael works with his in-home personal training clients in Boca Raton. Where they are introduced to an array of fitness exercises in private, comfortable surroundings. He can also bring the fitness training and weight loss programs to your home, community fitness center or apartment gym.

Boca Raton Five Way Fitness personal trainers are dedicated to helping adults over forty reach their fitness goals. Five Way Fitness certified personal trainers create a custom tailored program after a thorough assessment and evaluation. The programs are developed around the client’s goals. Weight loss, strength training, physical rehabilitation, flexibility and balance, lifestyle modifications.

Advantages of At-Home Personal Training:

  • Save time on travel to the gym and back
  • Privacy and comfort
  • No wait time on equipment. We bring the equipment to you
  • Train in a germ-free environment
  • Train at your convenience
  • No distractions
  • Personal attention
  • Accountability

Five Way Fitness Boca Raton personal trainer can help you with:

  • Experts in Exercise Programs for people with Joint replacements.
  • Designing Programs for people with high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular and Aerobic Fitness Programs
  • Stretching and Flexibility issues.
  •  Physical rehabilitation incorporated in all are fitness programs
  • Helping adults get out of pain through exercise and movement
  • Safe and effective weight loss programs. Losing weight with natural food rather than supplements and pills.
  • We can help with our special issues when others gave up or didn’t have the knowledge and determination to conquer your adversities.
  • Science based medical fitness programs that are tested and proven.

Are you ready to move pain-free? Are you ready to get your body back? Are you ready for results you’ve only dreamed about?


At-Home Personal Trainer Boca Raton