Fiveway Fitness is an At Home personal training practice of Michael Metchikian, a former world-class weight lifter, bodybuilder, and certified personal trainer. Michael works with his in-home personal training clients in Boca Raton. Where they are introduced to an array of fitness exercises in private, comfortable surroundings. He can also bring the fitness training and weight loss programs to your gym of choice.

With special attention to helping you lose weight, Michael Metchikian also helps you improve your posture and balance, reduce joint and muscle pain, and gets you in your best shape ever through resistance training, calisthenics, pilates, soft tissue work, and stretching.

Are you ready to get your body back? Are you ready for results you’ve only dreamed about?

Contact Michael Metchikian to set up your free 30-minute workout/consultation today.

At-Home Fitness Trainer Boca Raton